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What’s new for 2024?

QuickBooks Enterprise helps boost your productivity with customer prepayments, deeper inventory insights, seamless product updates with minimal disruption, and more—all backed by industry-leading encryption.

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Manage access with custom user permissions

Expand with peace of mind. QuickBooks Enterprise lets you give your employees access to just enough data to do their jobs. It comes with 13 predefined user roles, or you can assign access to 115 individual activities.

Create and manage users and roles in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

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image-article-advertising strategies for small businesses
Advertising strategies for small businesses

Redefine your goals, dive deeper into customer data, invest in your brand identity, tap into content marketing, and harness the power of pay-per-click automation.

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Restaurateurs: Increase your customer base

Social media marketing is crucial — especially for restaurants. Find ways to bring more customers in the door.

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Build connections with online buyers

Learn how to create your image, show off the human side of your business, and let your customers tell their story. 

Additional QuickBooks products that might be right for you

Get more done with exclusive products and services designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks Enterprise.

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QuickBooks Payroll and Payments*

Run payroll and get fast, easy payments right in QuickBooks. Invoices are instantly payable by your customers. Accept cards, eChecks, and ACH payments, and get fast deposits next-day or instantly for 1% more, if eligible.

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Checks & Supplies*

Get checks and other supplies designed exclusively for QuickBooks. Enterprise can automatically fill in your checks for you, and you can keep all your check records in QuickBooks. 

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