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View and Pay Now link unavailable

I just recently added merchant services through Quickbooks to allow my customers to pay via emailed invoices.  I sent my first batch of 216 emails containing 430+ invoices and statements.  All customers had the online payments setup in their accounts.  I tested a few emails to myself before I sent off the 216.  After sending the 216 emails almost all of them show the View and Pay Now linke as "Link Unavailable" in the emails.  One customer had two invoices, one with the link and the other without. 

I spent 2 hours with tech support and all they could say was make sure the customers use Google Chrome.  I don't see how a customers's web browser would have any impact on Quickbooks generating an email with a link to my merchant services.  It seems like Quickbooks couldn't handle the amount of emails that it generated.  I may have to go into each invoice and select the email later options and resend them one at a time.  HAS ANYONE HAD THIS PROBLEM.  ANY SOLUTIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED....


View and Pay Now link unavailable

Hi @kriskaza,


I'd like to see if we can get to the bottom of this issue with you.  Could you possibly send a screenshot showing what your customers (who don't see the link) are seeing?  That will help us go forward.




Level 1

View and Pay Now link unavailable

I am having this same issue!  I have spent about 3 hours on the phone with support. The first time, the agent couldn’t help me. The second time, the agent determined my invoices were corrupted, so I needed to delete and regenerate the invoices.  That seemed to work!  However, when I sent out invoices yesterday, the View and Pay link was missing.  Tried deleting and resending the email and the View and Pay link was still missing!

Called customer service and the agent told me I needed a support package to address the issue as this is not covered under free support!  How is a glitch in your software not covered under support?

I have attached a screenshot of what the invoices look like in response to the admin request on this original post. 



View and Pay Now link unavailable

Let's get the View and Pay Now button display on your emailed invoices, Worm_Return.


Verifying and rebuilding your data is a good start when it comes to fixing transaction-related issues in QuickBooks Desktop.


To Verify Data:


  1. Choose Window at the top, then Close All.
  2. Choose File.
  3. Hit on Utilities.
  4. Click Verify Data.

To Rebuild Data:


  1. Choose File.
  2. Click on Utilities.
  3. Hit Rebuild Data.
  4. You will receive a warning message to backup your company file, press OK.
  5. Click OK when you get the message "Rebuild has completed".

After that, you can send an invoice to your email and see if the option to View and Pay Now button is there.


However, if the problem persists, I'd suggest getting in touch with our QuickBooks Desktop Support. Unlike in this public forum, they have the tools required to perform any escalations in the system whenever necessary on your behalf.


Regarding the support package, there are certain issues that are free of charge regardless of the product. You can go through this article: Intuit QuickBooks Desktop & Point-of-Sale software support policies. This will give you more information about issues that don't have any associated fees.


Please get back to me if you have any other concerns. I'll be around to help you out.

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