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How to save or revert pending paychecks


You can save paychecks and return later to finish creating payroll without losing your data. This article describes how to save or revert pending paychecks.

QuickBooks Desktop saves pending paychecks so that you can leave the create paychecks workflow after entering data and then finish creating paychecks later.

If there is a system issue, such as a crash or loss of network connectivity, you do not lose your work when entering new paycheck data before finishing the process to create the paychecks.


When you make changes to an employee's paycheck, click the Save & Close button to save your work. When you click off the employee name or hit the Tab key on your keyboard, the employee's name is highlighted with a yellow background.

You can undo the changes you ve made to an employee's paycheck by right-clicking an employee name in the Enter Payroll Information window and choosing Revert Paycheck or you can click Finish Later. If you click Finish Later or close the window with another method you receive this message:

Notice the following changes in the Payroll Center after you save paychecks:

  • When you have pending checks for employees included in a schedule, that schedule appears in italics.
  • When you click a schedule with pending checks, the Start Scheduled Payroll button changes to Resume Scheduled Payroll:

To continue processing the scheduled payroll, click the Resume Scheduled Payroll button.

Note: If you are not using a schedule for payroll, click the Unscheduled Payroll button to resume.

If you receive the message: You cannot change the date of a paycheck such that the paycheck moves from one quarter to another:

  1. Click Resume Scheduled Payroll. Right-click the employee's name, and select Revert Paycheck.
  2. When you're ready to send payroll, verify that your payroll is correct and that your employees are receiving the right amounts and the right number of checks.

Note: The Save Pending Paychecks feature can cause taxes to calculate incorrectly or at zero if you saved the payroll prior to downloading a payroll update, editing tax rates, or editing an employee's tax information. This is because you saved the paychecks prior to making changes that would affect the tax calculations. In such cases you must revert the paycheck.

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