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The QuickBooks Guide to Converting QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online




This guide is for anyone converting from QuickBooks Desktop (Pro or Premier) to QuickBooks Online. Each section offers step-by-step guidance and includes visuals, tips and hyperlinks to important resources. Start your conversion from the "Before you Start" section or use the links below to jump to specific points in the conversion process if you've already started. 


You can also download the complete QuickBooks Guide to Converting QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online from the right-hand column. 


If you want the Quick Conversion Reference instead, follow the link. 


monitor_1.png Before You Start





The Conversion Process


CRM_1.png What's next after converting from QuickBooks Desktop 



Are you a QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise user? Do you have a complex inventory? We generally encourage Enterprise users to stay with their Enterprise software if you need its advanced features. If you need the online functionality of QBO, qualified Intuit Hosting Services can link multiple devices to your Enterprise software.




   For those switching from QuickBooks Mac or Desktop editions older than 2011, head to the appendix.   




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  • Getting started with QuickBooks Online


I want to know how to take a back up of Quickbooks online and how to restore that file in Quickbooks online.



I have few confusions regarding the closing of books and will explain with example.


Scenario 1

Suppose today is 1 January 2019

My first fiscal month is January

If I go in the settings and close the books at 31 Dec 2018. so all the expenses and revenue will be Zero and go to their respective accounts?


Scenario 2,

Suppose today is 25 Nov 2018

My first fiscal month is January

If I go in the settings and close the books by giving date 24 Nov 2018, so all the expenses and revenue will be Zero and go to their respective accounts?


will the balances be transferred automatically on 1st January 2019

I could not follow any of these links.  When I tried, access was denied.  Why is that?

i keep trying to get info and it keeps saying i don't have access.  not very helpful

I'm also getting the access denied message with those links. Is there anyone out there who can explain and/or fix it?


All links say "Access Denied".


Note: I am in Canada and I arrived here by clicking a link on my Quickbooks online Dashboard.

I just moved from Quickbooks Mac 2019 to Quickbooks Online for our C corporation. The operation was seamless for the most part but there is a lot of little "nooks & crannies"  you need to find and adjust like start of the corporate year, etc... It will take a few hours/days to learn all the menus and adjustments but once it's done I'm liking it more as time goes on..


I to have the "access denied" here on some of the instructional videos and files and I have full administrative privileges to our account .. Quickbooks admin needs to fix this... 

Access Denied.  No reference to quickly contact support... 

The majority of the links in this article (I didn't check all of them) lead to a screen saying "Access Denied". I'm a Certified ProAdvisor. Is there something that needs to be done to gain access?

The link to Mac instructions takes me to some protected page. I didn't buy the product yet so I don't have an account. I don't want to buy the product, or sign up for a free trial, until I can read the instructions to make sure it will do what I need.

As per the note above. Instructions to compare the differences between my desktop QB for Mac 2019 and the online version take me to an access denied page.  Without the ability to see the differences and understand what is involved in the “upgrade” I have lost confidence in your product and its integrity.

The links in this article is the very information I need to make a decision to switch to online version or not.

It is a same that Access is Denied the very information I need.

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