Accept EMV chip credit cards

Take credit cards that are secured with an EMV chip.

Accept and process EMV chip credit cards with QuickBooks.

Get the QuickBooks EMV Card Reader to accept credit cards that have chips so that you never miss out on a sale.


Protect your customers and your business

EMV cards feature "smart chips," which encrypt data for every sale, making card transactions more secure. Get paid safely by accepting cards with EMV chips.


Insert chip cards or swipe magnetic strip cards

QuickBooks EMV Card Reader takes both EMV chips and magnetic stripe cards. EMV cards should be inserted into the reader and remain in place throughout the entire transaction, or you can swipe the magnetic strip the way you always have.


Feel confident that you'll always get paid

The QuickBooks EMV Card Reader works with both Android and Apple devices. And it's small enough to fit into your pocket so that you're always ready to make a sale.

Click here to see the results of Intuit's recent research report, "Small Business Adoption of EMV Technology."

Download the App

Download the GoPayment app 

from the Apple App Store or

Google Play store for Android.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2:

Log into the GoPayment App

Log into the QuickBooks GoPayment
app using the login that you created
during the sign-up process.


Forgot your login or password?










Step 3: Prepare to take your first payment

Plug in your mobile credit card reader until you hear it click and turn up the volume.



Step 3


Still waiting on your mobile card reader?

You can still accept credit cards using the Scan Card feature.

Haven't signed up? Try mobile payments now.

Step 3
Step 4

Step 4:
Insert chip or swipe. Cha-Ching!

You are now ready to accept credit cards and get paid! Just insert the EMV chip or swipe the magnetic strip to accept your first card payment.


You can also key enter, scan cards, or go online to accept credit cards. It's also easy to record both check and cash payments in QuickBooks.

Did you know that you can also accept
mobile payments without the reader?


If you don't have your card reader yet, you can still get paid. Just key in
the credit card information.



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Order your mobile QuickBooks EMV Card Reader today.

Important offers, pricing details, & disclaimers
  1. EMV is a registered trademark of EMVCo LLC in the United States and other countries.
  2. The EMV Ready PIN Pad is sold separately and requires: (1) QuickBooks Payments account, (2) QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 software, (3) internet access or modem and phone line (sold separately), and (4) printer (sold separately). NOTE: EMV chip debit cards can only be processed as PIN debit transactions using the magnetic stripe card reader or as credit transactions using the EMV card reader at this time. This EMV Ready PIN Pad is currently unable to process EMV chip debit cards as PIN debit transactions using EMV card reader.