Timesheets with GPS

Quickly and easily see where your employees are working by checking your TSheets GPS time tracking app.

The benefits of employee GPS tracking

  • Increased efficiency
    Coordinate workers throughout the day with a bird’s-eye view of who’s working.
  • Powerful information
    Access location data with employee time cards to see where the most work is happening.
  • Save battery life, data
    TSheets won’t drain your phone’s battery and requires no more data than the average social media app.
  • Dependable
    Call or chat with a TSheets rep free to get help setting up GPS tracking, troubleshooting, and more.

Collect real-time data

No need to drive from job site to job site to see how your teams are doing. GPS capabilities help coordinate your workforce out in the field. Employee tracking puts workers’ locations on the map when they clock in, and maps are updated throughout the day. Allocate labor resources where they’re most needed with better visibility into your workforce.

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Employees get it

From an employee perspective, location technology is part of modern life. GPS tracking is so commonplace today that in a 2018 survey of U.S. employees, almost a third said they’ve already experienced the tech in the workplace. And many in that group say they’re comfortable with the tech, seeing that employers have implemented it to increase safety, accountability, and efficiency.**

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Time is money.
Make the most of both!

Businesses that use TSheets for time tracking report an average 6% reduction in payroll costs.*

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Frequently asked questions

Time tracking is better with geofencing

  • Easy clock in
    Employees receive push notifications to clock in or out when they enter or exit a geofence.
  • Accurate time
    Time data better reflects the moment an employee arrives at an assigned job site.
  • Fewer timesheet edits
    With little left up to guesstimation, last-minute timesheet changes become less common.

Geofencing at a glance

Businesses can use geofencing to more accurately track time and reduce timesheet errors. Time tracking with geofencing places a virtual fence around a physical location. When employees enter or leave a job site, the TSheets app will send them a reminder to clock in or out. It can even suggest job codes associated with the location. This way, it’s less likely people will clock in before they arrive and clock out long after they’ve left for the day. Geofencing creates an overall easier experience for mobile employees and managers. Plus, TSheets Geofencing is optional and does not require any additional hardware or training.

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Frequently asked questions

Enhanced workforce visibility

  • Fewer phone calls
    Find out who’s on the clock without pulling anyone away from work—including yourself.
  • Better planning
    When you know who’s working and where, you can easily allocate valuable labor resources.
  • Instant insight
    The “Who’s Working” window updates your team’s jobs and locations in real time.

See who’s working and where

Managers use employee location data to strategize remotely, using the “Who’s Working” window. The TSheets GPS time clock collects employee locations throughout the day and whenever employees clock in, change job codes, or add notes to their timesheets. See up-to-date info on employee locations and jobs for better workforce coordination.

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Frequently asked questions

Track time, avoid timesheet errors, and save money with TSheets.
*Based on a survey of 924 businesses that use TSheets for payroll and report savings. On average, they report reducing the time it takes to run payroll by 3 hours and reducing gross payroll costs by 6% by increasing accuracy and reducing overpayments. TSheets conducted an internal survey in January 2018.**In July 2018, TSheets surveyed 1,585 employees in the US to learn more about their experience with GPS tracking in the workplace.