How QuickBooks Time solves top pain points for businesses

For PRO and self-taught Dr. QuickBooks, staying ahead of the trend means asking the right questions and taking everyone onboard

The year was 1995, and Deborah Defer had just heard about QuickBooks. When she shared her curiosity with a family friend, their response was, “Why would you ever want to learn QuickBooks? It’s a waste of time.” Needless to say, she ignored the statement in its entirety.

Today, this Dr. QuickBooks is the managing director and co-lead of technology for the Business Services and Outsourcing practice at BDO USA, LLP. She’s a PRO, and she has been featured on Intuit’s Influencers, Top Business Process Outsourcing ProAdvisor, and Top 100 ProAdvisor lists by Insightful Accountant, just to name a few.

With technology adding a whole suite of capabilities to the accounting industry, her work involves empowering clients to be tech-savvy through training on systems analysis, integrations, implementation of third-party apps, and troubleshooting. And her goal is to make sure her clients are benefitting from all that new tools have to offer.

self taught Dr.quickbooks

The next big thing in small business solutions

When she learned about QuickBooks Time, Deborah saw the opportunities immediately. Two of the must-ask questions she has when meeting new clients are, “Do you manage hourly employees?” and “How do you handle scheduling?” because they’re often the top pain points that QuickBooks Time can help with.

The feeling is mutual for the clients she has onboarded. Deborah says that they love the ability to see where their employees are in real time with QuickBooks Time’ GPS time tracking, and they are always surprised at how easy it is to use the mobile app. Another favorite feature is how the time data from QuickBooks Time can be customized to provide detailed reporting into different aspects of the business, from job costing to mileage, profitability, and labor.

deborah defer
One of the greatest benefits of QuickBooks Time is the ability to see where employees are in real time with GPS time tracking. My clients are always surprised by how easy it is to use the mobile app.
Deborah Defer, Managing Director and Co-lead of Technology, BDO USA, LLP

Change is about getting everyone’s buy-in

Even with the benefits of new tools in mind, Deborah realizes that change isn’t always easy, no matter how experienced and seasoned one is. Tougher still are organizational changes involving different teams and departments. But just like success, a collective effort makes change easier.

“We now live in a world where the technology can change daily and rapidly,” she said. “It’s no longer an option but a necessity. Whenever I help my clients to implement a new system or application, the first step is always to get the buy-in of all parties involved, and this is done with information.”

This is why she encourages accountants who want to recommend QuickBooks Time be certified in QuickBooks Time first. She has found the certification to be valuable and helpful in building her product knowledge while providing that instant level of credibility with the clients and prospects she speaks to.

Investing in your clients is like horseback riding

In her 20s, Deborah rode across the Continental Divide on horseback with her family. It took eight days, two packed mules, a lot of courage, and hard work, from escaping a bear to hunting elks, while taking in the beautiful landscape. The experience also taught Deborah that greatness is rarely achieved alone.

“I could’ve worked my horse to the ground and still accomplished my goal, or I could make sure it was taken care of so success is shared. This ensures future adventures, builds trust, and creates an unbreakable bond. It’s the same in business.”

By educating her clients on how technology like QuickBooks Time can help, she can improve their operations and add value to her role as their trusted advisor. By empowering others with success, they amplify her own.