Time and productivity tracking that knows no borders

How globetrotting PRO Katey Maddux, CEO of Millennial Accounting, takes QuickBooks Time around the world

Katey Maddux is the CEO of Millennial Accounting. A bookkeeper and PRO Advisor, Katey also happens to be one of our most dedicated QuickBooks Time PROs.

A young professional herself, Katey has been traveling internationally since the age of 14. She went to Italy for college where she started developing a wanderlust that would change the course of her life and career. So much so, in fact, that upon returning to her corporate job back home, she decided she didn’t belong in that sphere. She hit the road again — this time with her sights on Asia.

Unfortunately, Katey’s trip was cut short when she came down with a case of dengue fever while volunteering at an orphanage in Vietnam. Katey found herself once again back home, her mom by her side as she recovered. That’s when Katey’s mom reminded her the setback could be the beginning of a new journey.

“My mom is an accountant,” said Katey, noting that her own first job was working at her mom’s company at a young age. “I’ve been doing basic bookkeeping since I was 12 years old,” she added.

With the encouragement of her mother, Katey decided to go online and complete a QuickBooks certification. As luck would have it, she’d already started learning QuickBooks from Hector Garcia, watching his YouTube videos while she was in Vietnam. It was a natural step for her to get certified back home and start working as an accountant.


Founding Millennial Accounting

It wasn’t long before Katey realized the potential to combine her passion for travel and natural aptitude for bookkeeping and accounting. “I could totally do this and travel at the same time,” she said. “It’s familiar and I love it.”

And so she did. Katey started Millennial Accounting, and now spends her time between home and traveling abroad — most recently, stamping her passport in Israel and Colombia.


As for working in the millennial niche, that happened naturally. But Katey is dedicated to helping the millennial generation succeed in their business endeavors. She said although many people view the younger generation as lazy, her experience indicates that they simply crave purpose and want to do work for the greater good.

“It’s fun to work alongside the young visionaries and help them navigate the numbers,” said Katey about the millennial business owner.

Time tracking for productivity

Katey found a mentor in longtime QuickBooks certified ProAdvisor and certified PRO Christine Galli of Technology in a Box. Galli helped her navigate the accounting sphere by introducing her to helpful apps like QuickBooks Time for time tracking.


“She turned me on to QuickBooks Time if for nothing else than to track my own time,” said Katey. “And I’ve learned the importance of tracking your own time.”

Katey recalled a past job where management required the team to conduct a time study when productivity levels were down. She said tracking time helped her discover efficiencies and inefficiencies. These studies not only helped Katey become more efficient, but they helped her learn a lot about how she spent her time on the job.

With the value of those time studies in mind, these days, Katey uses QuickBooks Time tracking to manage her time more wisely and report on how her time is delegated to determine which activities and projects need more or less of her attention. Whether she’s using the mobile app or web dashboard, QuickBooks Time comes complete with detailed reporting and the ability to track time against multiple projects, which is especially useful for any PRO, accountant, or business owner who’s concerned with productivity and deadlines.

This powerful insight helps Katey and hard-working accountants like her better understand how to adjust their priorities and pivot when necessary. Time saved on tasks for the firm can be used on clients who need more personalized attention. And time saved on a client’s payroll or employee time tracking can be used to network the firm, for education courses and webinars, and more. Not just great for saving time, when used in conjunction with major accounting tools, PROs can foster a seamless time-tracking-to-payroll experience for their clients.

Taking QuickBooks Time with her wherever she goes, whether it's Europe, Central America, or back home in the midwest, Katey tracks her time to find out how to better serve the growing millennial client base she’s built on connections and referrals.

“I absolutely love QuickBooks Time,” said Katey. “I recommend all of my clients use QuickBooks Time.”