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Troubleshoot missing pay stubs in QuickBooks Workforce

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

There are several reasons your employees may not see their pay stubs in QuickBooks Workforce.  Select your scenario to find out what to do. 

You switched or were moved from one Intuit or QuickBooks payroll service to another

You’ll need to invite your employees to QuickBooks Workforce from your new payroll service. 

Let your employees know, they’ll have two QuickBooks Workforce accounts, likely with the same business name.  One will have the past paychecks from your prior service, one with the new paychecks and W-2s. 

You created a late or backdated paycheck

Sometimes things happen and you have to send your payroll after your regular payday.  Your employee may sign in to QuickBooks Workforce on payday expecting to see their pay stub. You can let your employees know to wait until they get the email notification their pay stub is ready before checking QuickBooks Workforce. 

You forgot to send paychecks to us (QuickBooks Desktop Payroll only)

Make sure to send all paychecks created in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll to Intuit. This includes any paychecks you print or handwrite. Once the checks are sent to Intuit, they’re automatically uploaded to QuickBooks Workforce.

If you recently invited your existing employees to QuickBooks Workforce, and they’re looking for past paychecks you created in QuickBooks: 

  • Paychecks dated January 1, 2021 and newer will upload to QuickBooks Workforce when you run your next current payroll. 
  • Paychecks dated before January 1, 2021 will upload in batches to QuickBooks Workforce over time as you run current payrolls. If your employee needs one of these pay stubs right away, you can print one from QuickBooks for them. 
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