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Fix print alignment for paychecks

SOLVEDby QuickBooks1177Updated October 02, 2023

Learn how to fix the alignment when printing paychecks using QuickBooks-compatible checks in QuickBooks Online Payroll.

If you use QuickBooks-compatible checks, ensure that they are properly aligned when you print or reprint paychecks. We’ll show you how to fix the alignment in QuickBooks.

Align paycheck printing

  1. Go to Settings ⚙, then select Payroll Settings.
  2. In the Printing section, select Edit ✎.
  3. Select Paycheck on QuickBooks-compatible check paper.
  4. Select Print paycheck and 1 pay stub or Print paycheck and 2 pay stubs.
  5. Select Align check, then select Print alignment form to print a sample check.
  6. Follow the instructions, then close the window.
  7. Follow the instructions, then enter the letter and number that fits best. Here are some tips on how to adjust the alignment.
  8. Select Save, then Done.

Now try to print a check. If you still need to make adjustments, repeat the steps above.

Tips on how to adjust the alignment

For example, the letter K and number 5 are your current settings in the Printer setup preference. You print a sample check but the information is too:

  • Low: Enter a letter that’s before the letter K (A to J) to move the info up.
  • High: Enter a letter that’s after the letter K (L to X) to move the info down.
  • Far-right: Enter a number that’s less than 5 (0 to 4) to move the info to the left.
  • Far-left: Enter a number that’s more than 5 (6 to 9) to move the info to the right.

Align checks in QuickBooks printer setup

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