Time tracking and scheduling for retail and restaurants

Track time across any number of locations, and enjoy accurate payroll for your retail business or restaurant.


Track employees, save time on payroll

Forget handwritten timesheets and paper schedules. QuickBooks Time customers save three hours per week, on average, managing employee time.¹ That’s time you can put back into your retail business or restaurant.

Time tracking for painless payroll

Gone are the days of hand-entering employee hours into spreadsheets and accounting software. QuickBooks Time makes running payroll painless, so you and your employees can turn your attention back to the customer. Sync employee time directly with your accounting or payroll software. Not sure how to integrate QuickBooks Time with your accounting software? Every QuickBooks Time account comes with free, unlimited customer support, available over the phone or online chat.


Why QuickBooks Time for retail and restaurants

QuickBooks Time makes it easy for retailers and restaurants to schedule shifts and track employee time. With QuickBooks Time Scheduling, employees always know when a shift has changed, preventing no-shows and overstaffing. Send shift notifications directly to your employees’ mobile devices to cut down on tardiness. QuickBooks Time tracking and scheduling helps your employees stay informed.

FAQs for retailers and restaurants

Save time and money on employee payroll with accurate time tracking and scheduling