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QuickBooks Online Corrupt Database Repair Scam

I recently experienced reconciliation issues with my quick books online account for my business.  That has happened a few times in the past and the folks on the quick books help line have been able to assist me get the account correct.  This time when I asked for help via the Help button, someone called me back and then after looking at the issue, transferred me to a person that told me I had a corrupted database.  I thought this was strange since the database is hosted by Intuit/Quickbooks.  I asked many questions and all the person wanted to do was charge me $500 to fix the database or $750 to have an annual plan to fix the database when it gets corrupted in the future.  We declined his offer to fix the database and using the help button asked for a call back again.  The new customer support person explained that this was a scam.  Has anyone else experienced this?  What concerns me most is that Quickbooks help called me back and then transferred  me someone that is working the scam.

QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Online Corrupt Database Repair Scam

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, robschiff,


I'll take note of your feedback and send it to our management team. Meanwhile, I know you've already contacted our QuickBooks Support Team.


However, I recommend getting back in touch with them by selecting the Start a chat option from the Help (?) button . They can pull up your previous case number and check who called you. And, trace the person who transferred the call to the scammer.


On the other hand, contacting us for any support issues is free. We don't take any charges and every call is recorded in our system. Hence, we'll be able to verify all logs.


About your reconciliation experienced, there could be discrepancies in your records. And, the following information below can cause an issue to your account:

  • Someone edited, deleted, moved, or unreconciled a transaction that was on a previous reconciliation. This changes the ending balance and  impacts the beginning balance on your next reconciliation.
  • Someone manually reconciled a transaction. It won't show up for review and can't be added to future reconciliations.

To fix this, I've got these articles for you to check your bank transactions before reconciling the account:

Let me know if you need additional information by commenting below. I'm always right here to help fix the

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QuickBooks Online Corrupt Database Repair Scam

Thanks for the reply and information.  After some investigation, I just found out that one of the folks that works on our team googled intuit support and found a number (855-636-3800) that lead to scam.  She called, they answered Intuit Support and then transferred her around to the person that attempted to steal money from us via the corrupt data base story


The folks were very sophisticated and wanted a few hours connected to her machine via team viewer.  Luckily I have a very strong IT background and she came to me since she felt confused about a corrupt data base.


I am now confirming that the machine is not compromised.


We called support via the Help button and call me back and the support team helped with the duplicate transactions.


May I suggest that Intuit provides education to there user community on these scams.  Emails, banners and other methods to educate your user base is needed.  You are the market leader and will always be a target for the bad guys and gals.


Lastly I share this story so that others who search this forum will know that this is a real issue and to be careful out there.



QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Online Corrupt Database Repair Scam

Hi @robschiff,


Thank you for your prompt reply, as well as sharing an update on the situation. 


I appreciate the suggestion you stated above. Our customer's data security and privacy is our top priority, which is why we've made a streamlined process on how our users can contact support. You no longer need to look for a certain phone number or save a chat link to get help. You only need to log in to your QuickBooks product and go to the Help menu.


I suggest taking a look at this article: Privacy and security in QuickBooks. It lists tips on how to keep your Intuit account safe.


As for education about overall security, take a look at this page: Intuit Online Security Center. You can find tips on how you can protect your information, computer, as well as your business. It even includes links so you can report any suspicious activities, should you encounter them. 


I'll be around in case you need further assistance. Leave a message below, and I'll be sure to get back to you. 

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QuickBooks Online Corrupt Database Repair Scam

I experienced a similar issue with a QBO-related scam, however it came about because I was locked out of my account and couldn't access it, which is why I called the Help Desk (or so I thought). I was in a panic, so in my haste I called the first number that came up with a Google search. Only later did I realize that it was an ad (doh!). Thankfully I didn't fall for their attempt to get paid before resolving the "corrupt database" issue. However my point in bringing this up, is that accessing the Help button via your account isn't helpful if you can't actually get into your account. Finding a way to actually contact QBO was not easy as there seem to be many layers online before you can get the help you need. In fact, I originally thought that tech support was closed on Saturdays, but eventually found a way to connect via Live Chat. When you're in a panic, it's frustrating to have to look that hard to find ways to get help.

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