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Mobile credit card reader to do business on the go

The QuickBooks GoPayment app and mobile credit card reader let you get paid fast and run your business freely, whether you’re in store, on site, or on the go.

Customer paying for goods at a counter using the QuickBooks GoPayment card reader and power stand.
Tablet and mobile device showing GoPayment app interface and a card reader with LED display showing a $119.90 payment.

Get to know the GoPayment app

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Flexible ways to get paid

Let customers insert, tap, or use digital wallets to make in-person payments seamless, wherever they happen.**

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Never miss a sale

Key in customer card info right from the app. So you stay on top of sales, even if you don’t have the card reader.

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Let others take payments

Give your team the ability to take payments on a mobile device, without them accessing any of your sensitive business info.

Filled teal blue circle with a receipt icon in it.

Keep tabs on deposits

All your deposits are listed in one place with status updates on pending funds, so you don’t have to wonder where your money is.

Get instant deposit

Instant payments, 24/7

For an extra 1.75% fee, eligible payments are deposited instantly so you get the money you need in minutes, not days.**

Bookkeeping without the busywork

Accurate books all year

Limit those tax-time mistakes. We’ll record and organize in-person payments for you to keep your books updated Not included with QuickBooks Money as you go.

Speed up in-person sales

Owner of a nursery selling a plant, with shop inventory appearing on their tablet. Screen shows curly spider plant, $24.00.

Create an easy-to-scan inventory—with labels, prices, and images—to help you quickly find the product or service you need for a sale.

The QuickBooks GoPayment card reader power stand.

No more slowing down the line to pass devices back and forth. With the card reader, your customers can pay and tip all from the display.**

Phone showing card details and contact info for a repeat customer.

Keep card info on file, so your repeat customers are set up and ready to go for their next transaction.

Accepting a payment in person using the QuickBooks GoPayment app and card reader.


Convenient card payments

The QuickBooks card reader connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet via bluetooth in the app. Add the power stand, which can double as a phone charger, for even longer battery life.**

Customers can tap or insert debit and credit cards or use Apple Pay® and Google Pay™. 

Get started in just 2 steps

Download GoPayment


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Order your card reader

The mobile card reader stays charged for up to a week. Add the power stand for counter-top use and longer battery life.

The components of the device with labels for the power stand base and the card reader detachable top.

QuickBooks Card Reader


Card Reader & Power Stand


QuickBooks Power Stand


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Simplify in-person payments

Download the GoPayment app to start taking payments from anywhere.