Time tracking and worker management for staffing agencies

No matter what industry your clients and their temp staff are in, QuickBooks Time makes every timesheet accurate and ready for payroll and invoicing.

Time tracking and worker

Compliant timesheets for seasonal workers

It would be disastrous to assume labor law exemptions for contingent workers. Many Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rules apply to seasonal and temporary workers. From minimum wage to overtime and record-keeping, compliance starts with their timesheets.

Time tracking for staffing agencies on any device

Crew icon.
Crew functionality

Our Crew functionality lets team leads assign work to and track hours worked for an entire team.

Mobile GPS tracking app icon.
GPS and geofencing

Our mobile app comes with GPS tracking and geofencing. Workers get reminders to clock in as soon as they arrive at the job site.

Scheduling icon.
In-app scheduling

Create or drag-and-drop schedules from your desktop or the QuickBooks Time mobile app. Assign employees to jobs, shifts, or projects.

Instant notifications

When a manager publishes or changes the schedule, employees can get alerts via email, text, or push notification.

attach photos for visual updates
Photos and notes

To keep everyone on the same page, team members can attach photos to timesheets or leave notes on a project’s activity feed.

Reports icon.
Detailed reporting

Categorize time data by job, task, employee, group, or project for client reports, job costing, or resource allocation.

Why temp agencies trust time tracking with QuickBooks Time

It can be hard to keep track of revolving team members when your business works with temporary and seasonal employees. The good news is that you don’t have to. Leave it to QuickBooks Time to manage scheduling, time tracking, and reporting for your workforce. 

Employees love QuickBooks Time too. In a global study, employees from four nations revealed the top four benefits of implementing a time tracking solution with GPS in the workplace:

  1. Track mileage and travel time 
  2. Ensure workers get paid what they’re owed
  3. Promote accountability
  4. Improve safety
QuickBooks Time time tracking and gps tracking software on desktop and mobile.

How to schedule and track time for temp employees

Don’t bog your team down with manual time tracking. QuickBooks Time lets employees focus on the tasks at hand, instead of worrying about whether they’re clocking in for the right jobs at the right locations. And getting started is easy.

  1. Sign up for a free 30-day QuickBooks Time trial—no credit card required. 
  2. Invite your employees to use QuickBooks Time.
  3. Go to Schedule. 
  4. Create daily or weekly schedules.
  5. Enter details like start and end times, job descriptions, and notes.
  6. Assign jobs to individuals or all employees.

FAQs about time tracking for temp agencies

Get time tracking that saves time when you and your clients need it most