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Level 1

QBO ProAdvisor Certification problem

Does anyone have a "hotline" telephone number for the QBO ProAdvisor exam? I finished the first three sections but when I got to Section 4, which covers "Managing Your Clients and Work", the questions weren't even close to the material covered. The material in that section is managerial in nature, covering the different subscriptions, usage limits, managing your work and team, etc., whereas the section 4 questions were asking for specific product knowledge. Example: Which 2 problems does the Pay down credit card workflow solve for clients?" 

The first call to support lasted half an hour, with a promise of a callback which never happened. The second call, which lasted 2-1/2 hours  and was mostly "on hold", was to people who didn't have a clue and said it must be my browser or that I was too stupid to pass the test because there was no way the questions could be wrong.  One even asked me why I completed the test since I thought it contained the wrong material, not knowing that you cannot exit it while in progress!!! Help!


QuickBooks Team

QBO ProAdvisor Certification problem

I see you’ve been through a lot trying to get things how they should be, atypicalsmith.


Being able to pass the ProAdvisor Certification program is important. Rest assured I've got the details you need about the exam. 


As you're already aware, the test is difficult. It is designed that way so you have to study hard and only the people that put in the time and effort pass.


Here's the list of resources you can find as your reference for your certification exam:


One important tip is you can take screenshots of your answers as to take the test. Doing this will help you refer back to those when you already answered with an incorrect one.


I also appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with our Support Team. I'll escalate this by passing your feedback along to our management team. This way, they'll be able to discuss how to handle a situation like this.


To ensure you're with the right support team, I recommend contacting our ProAdvisor Support. Or visit the Frequently Asked Questions about the ProAdvisor Certification page to get answers to commonly asked questions about the exam.


Stay connected with me by clicking the Reply button. I'm always around whenever you need additional information about the ProAdvisor Certification.

Level 1

QBO ProAdvisor Certification problem

You clearly didn't understand the problem. I have WRONG QUESTIONS for Module 4.  Let's try it this way: See if you can find in Module 4 for of the regular (not advanced) certification training the following information:

1. How to use the Copy to Purchase feature from within an estimate, where do you turn on Use Purchase Orders? 

2. How to turn on Automatically Apply Credits checkbox.

3. What statement type should be used to reflect all unpaid invoices, unapplied credits, and credit memos?

4. What are w ways to access the vendor credit screen in QBO?

5. When should the Bank Deposit Transaction be used?

6. Where can a client identify the instant deposit options for their QB Payments account?

7. How are Instant Deposits set up?

8. Journal Entries

9. What 2 problems are solved with Pay down credit card?

10. Another question about Pay down credit card.

11. Where is the Transfer link?

12. Benefits of using the Bank Feeds feature.

13. How to find an error in the Banking Center with duplicate transactions.


I printed these out rather than making a screen shot. However, if you still think I'm just making this up to yank Intuit's chain, I'll be glad to scan the questions and send them to you.

QuickBooks Team
Level 1

QBO ProAdvisor Certification problem

Please actually READ what I wrote instead of glancing through and giving me a pre-recorded answer!!! 





If you would, instead of cutting and pasting a pat answer, actually look at the material contained in Section 4 of the study material, and compare it to the test questions I listed, you will see that NOTHING IN SECTION 4 covers remotely anything asked by the questions. If you need further clarification, please call me. Thank you.


Level 1

QBO ProAdvisor Certification problem

I am taking the exam and am having the same issue.  I thought I'd missed something and went back over the info again and again.  This needs to be corrected ASAP.  Since you posted this a month ago I guess they haven't done anything to fix the issue.  This will be a grade as my final exam for my Accounting Information Systems class & the information provided doesn't match the training materials.  So frustrating.

QuickBooks Team

QBO ProAdvisor Certification problem

Thanks for joining this thread, HopeAcct.


This may not be an easy process for you. But, let me take you to our ProAdvisor Team so they can provide the resources needed for your exam.


To contact them, feel free to visit this page, then refer to the phone number at the top right of the page: Quickbooks Online Accountant Support.


Don't hesitate to post again if there's anything else you need with QuickBooks. The Community is always open to help you.

Level 1

QBO ProAdvisor Certification problem

I also took the exam on 12/28/2020 and had the same issue. Also, does anyone know where the so-called study materials are that you are supposed to reference and print off? I have seen a couple of things in the modules, but not like a "study guide."

QuickBooks Team

QBO ProAdvisor Certification problem

Hi there, cbenway7146.


The modules outlined by my colleague @MaryLandT can be used as your study guide. These are articles in the Community on how to set up, use, and create settings and transactions within our system. If there are certain sections you want to study about, you can click here. Just type any question and you'll be provided with any related articles and posts. 


You can always use this page if you have other questions about the ProAdvisor Certification


Keep me posted if there's anything that you need help with. You take care and have a great day!

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