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Time data keeps freelancers in tune with their work

Accurate project tracking

Accurate project tracking

Freelancers and independent contractors can bill confidently with accurate hours. Track time for every job and earn valuable insights for future projects, bids, and expense forecasting.
Easy invoicing

Easy invoicing

Don’t worry about invoicing—automate it! Get paid on time, every time when you invoice by project or by client. Add 11% more billable time to your invoices, on average.*
Mobile organization

Mobile organization

Cloud-based, mobile time tracking works wherever you do. Switch between projects with a touch. Build your reputation, organize your day, and deliver your work with confidence.

Get paid more for your work with timesheets for freelancers.

How time tracking can save more than just money

Freelance = balance

Stay informed about how much time you’re actually spending on each project.


Time-stamped actions leave no questions about your time worked.

Seamless connections

Sync your time with QuickBooks to manage business expenses and more.

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Did you know?

A third of self-employed workers has fallen behind on taxes**

A recent study revealed that a third of self-employed workers has fallen behind on paying their taxes in the past. Meanwhile, 14% of self-employed workers are currently behind on their taxes. Another 10% expect to fall behind in the future.

More than 1 in 3 self-employed workers have been audited by the IRS, and nearly a third of those audited had errors on their taxes.