Small business cyber insurance

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Small business cyber insurance

Small business cyber insurance is the protection most business owners don’t realize they need.

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Not too long ago, one of three major U.S. credit bureaus was compromised, leading to a major data breach that affected millions of consumers. This shall-not-be-named credit bureau faced huge liability that cost them millions and affected their reputation on the whole. The breach left most small business owners wondering, if they can be hacked, what can happen to my business? With access to the internet, today’s business owners no longer only answer to clients in their ZIP code but the whole world. With that kind of reach, businesses must be proactive in securing sensitive data. Whether your small business has a brick-and-mortar storefront or you’re solely online, cyber insurance will protect you from cybercrimes that can wipe out your revenue and reputation in a matter of a few keystrokes.

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What’s small business cyber insurance?

Recent innovations in cyber security make small business cyber insurance both affordable and simple to acquire. The hallmark of any small business is the strength of its online presence (web and social media), and how well they know and serve their customers (collected data). Whether business originates from foot traffic or online conversions, small businesses have unprecedented access to private information that places them in a position of responsibility. It’s therefore their duty to protect the ownership of sensitive client data. The number one threat facing every business is that of a cyber-attack or data breach. Loss of company and client information, including names, addresses, Social Security numbers, or account numbers, can place any small business at risk for liability, loss of revenue, and loss of reputation. Small business cyber insurance provides coverage for losses due to cyber-attacks.  

What does small business cyber insurance cover?

Regardless of business size or industry, cyber crimes pose an unpredictable threat that every small business owner can protect themselves against. Just like a large credit bureau, even small business owners can face extraordinary liability if such a breach occurs, often with major financial losses. With good cyber insurance, small businesses ensure that these damages are covered, and their reputations remain intact. While coverage varies by carrier, cyber insurance generally protects small businesses from financial losses as a result of data breaches, cyber-attacks, technology loss, financial losses due to business downtime, social engineering, cyber extortion, and the installation of malware or other types of foreign software.  

What does small business cyber insurance not cover?

As fantastic as cyber insurance is, there are a few things it doesn’t cover. While it generally protects small businesses from potential losses due to cybercrimes, it often doesn’t cover future software and technology upgrades made because of any losses. Future revenues outside the scope of the cybercrime in question, as well as future reputational loss, aren’t covered by this type of policy. Additionally, declines in stock and company valuations aren’t covered by cyber insurance. When shopping for cyber insurance, make sure to check the actual policy for specific coverage details.  

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