Reduce tasks with team hub

With QuickBooks Workforce, your team can view pay details and track time with a tap.**

A laptop and a mobile phone displaying current and past pay information in the QuickBooks Workforce portal and app for employees.
A tablet displaying the self set up process for payroll using the QuickBooks Workforce web portal.


Streamline payroll setup

Employees can submit their own pay preferences, personal details, and tax info, so you can add them to your payroll without the hassle. Once set up, they can view their pay details whenever they want.

One centralized app for your team

Whether you manage payroll, time tracking, or both—see how the QuickBooks Workforce app can help you and your team increase accuracy and efficiency.

A mobile phone displaying paycheck information on the money tab in the Workforce mobile app.


Provide access to pay details

Employees can access their pay stubs, W-2s, total earnings, time off, and year-to-date pay—including deductions, withholdings, and taxes—at no cost. Available with all QuickBooks Payroll plans.

Headshot of QuickBooks customer, Jeff DeGarmo.
“It’s super easy. My employees can download the [Workforce] app and it tracks what job site they're at. So when we pull reports, it links to our payroll.”
Jeff DeGarmo, Jace Grae LLC

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Invite your team to add their own info in QuickBooks Workforce

Let your team to set up their account so they can view pay details, time off balances, and more.

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The QuickBooks Time app is now called QuickBooks Workforce

The QuickBooks Workforce app allows your team to track time and access pay details in one place.

Frequently asked questions

Over 3 million employees use QuickBooks Workforce