Manage Social Media the Easy Way [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Tammy Lam

1 min read

When used correctly, social media is a great (and mostly free!) communication tool for reaching new and existing customers, building word-of-mouth for your business, elevating your status as an industry expert and extending the reach of your marketing.

However, for many small business owners, social media also seems to require a huge amount of time for a questionable payoff, and most just don’t know where to start. The infographic below provides an easy-to-follow plan for managing your business’s social presence through each month of the coming year and answers the most common questions of “How do I use it? Why should I use it? What do I say? Who has the time?”

Click on the image below to see an enlarged version.

Looking for more tips on social media? See our article on social media trends that can boost your marketing strategy.


Infographic by Column Five

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