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Small Business, Big Impact

Highlights of owning a small business and what they are doing for the nation.

The biggest Entrepreneurship trends in 2019

The business landscape looks promising for entrepreneurs. If you’re dreaming of launching your start-up in 2019, here are the biggest entrepreneurship trends to know.

Fewer Shoppers Head to Stores for Black Friday 2018

This year’s Black Friday brought a surge in sales and a shift toward online shopping. Here are some of the biggest Black Friday takeaways for small retailers.

Technologies Small Business Owners Should Consider in 2019

The right technologies can help small business owners streamline tasks and provide enhanced customer service. Here’s a look at three technologies worth exploring in 2019

5 Small Business Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

The face of marketing is ever changing. To stay ahead of the curve, small businesses must adapt. Here are five of the biggest marketing trends to track in 2019

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7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Right Now

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