A small business guide to Pride

A small business guide to Pride

How to be an ally, support the LGBTQ+ community, and make an impact.

Pride Month is the opportune time to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and demonstrate that your business is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Below, we’ve compiled the tools and resources you need to plan and host your own Pride events, get involved in the events in your community, support LGBTQ+ businesses, and be a strong ally to your LGBTQ+ customers and employees year-round.

Browse the Pride marketplace

These businesses are dedicated to inclusivity

Gamut Pins

This trans-owned business offers pronoun pins and stickers.

Learn more

Find high quality athletic-wear made with pride.

Learn more

Find meaningful gifts made by LGBTQ+ for LGBTQ+.

Learn more

Add some sparkle with sustainable and inclusive glitter.

Learn more
The Phluid Project
Shop gender fluid clothing, makeup, and skincare.
Learn more
Pride Flag SD

Find quality, customizable Pride flags for every occasion.

Learn more
For Them

Find gender-affirming binders that don’t sacrifice comfort.

Learn more
Ash + Chess
Shop stationary and gifts created by a queer and trans power couple.
Learn more
Find your flag
The LGBT pride flag with rainbow stripes.
LGBT Pride
The lesbian pride flag with shades of pink and orange stripes.
Lesbian Pride
The gay men's pride flag with shades of blue and green stripes.
Gay Men's Pride
The bisexual pride flag with pink, purple, and blue stripes.
Bisexual Pride
A transgender pride flag with blue, pink, and white stripes.
Transgender Pride
The non-binary pride flag with yellow, purple, black, and white stripes.
Nonbinary Pride
A group of four different colored squares with a person holding a pair of yellow and a pair of pink.

10 questions to ask when pursuing charity partnerships

Charitable partnerships are a great way to show support for your community and make an impact (without impacting your finances). Before you get started, ask yourself these questions.

Welcome to Bloom Season

Resources for Pride from Intuit Mailchimp

illustration of a floating, colorful room surrounded by clouds and flowers

The Challenge and Beauty of Creating Safe Spaces

illustration of two people in a dark room with neon signs and a rainbow pouring out of an open door

10 Tips Businesses Can Use to Help Improve LGBTQ+ Inclusion

illustration of two people on a bright, bubbly background

How Companies Can Celebrate Pride All Year Long

Small businesses built with Pride

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