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Create unscheduled checks in Online Payroll

There are various circumstances where you may need to create a set of paychecks outside of a regular payroll run, such as a missed payroll.

Create Unscheduled Checks

Intuit Full Service Payroll

Important! If any errors are found after payroll is submitted, please contact Payroll Support immediately so an agent can help resolve the issue for you.

  1. Select the Payday tab.
  2. Select Unscheduled Checks and then Next.
  3. Select if you would like to pay salaried employees their full pay and which deductions you'd like to use for employees on this payroll run, then Next.Salary options: If you have salary employees, you will have the option to select if you'd like to pay them their full amount or a different amount.
    • If you select No, I want to pay a different amount, the employee's salary pay will start at $0.00 and you'll be able to enter the hours not worked.
    • If you select Yes, the employee's salary pay will start at their full amount and you'll be able to enter the hours not worked.

    Deduction options: If you have deductions setup for any of your employees on this payroll run, select which ones you'd like to use.

  4. Enter hours and compensation.
    • You'll be able to select the current pay period or pay periods dating back 6 months.
    • The pay dates available will range from the current date, to the date of their next regular check date.
    • Custom pay periods are not supported through this feature.
    • Supplemental wages, such as bonuses: Please be aware that if supplemental wages are paid on a regular paycheck, such as paying a bonus, the taxes will be calculated at the regular rate per the withholding calculations in IRS Publication 15. Supplemental wages should always be paid using the supplemental tax rate and you may want to use the bonus paycheck run instead. See article Creating bonus checks for Intuit Full Service Payroll.

    Salary options: For more information about salary calculations, see article Salaried employee FAQ.

  5. Select Preview Payroll and review your payroll for accuracy.
  6. Select Submit to Intuit.Selecting this option:
    • Processes direct deposit checks
    • Allows manual checks to be printed
  7. Print paychecks and pay stubs from the success page as appropriate.

QuickBooks Online Full Service Payroll

  1. Select Payroll menu.
  2. Select Employees.
  3. Select Run payroll.
  4. Find the employee you want to pay, and then select Create another check.
  5. Enter employee compensation, including any salary adjustments, vacation or sick hours, and other pay types.
  6. Confirm the pay period and check date.
  7. Select Preview Payroll, and then Select Submit payroll.
  8. If you're creating a paper check, hand write or print the check and give it to the employee by the check date.
  9. Select Finish payroll.

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