Be prepared with workers’ comp

Pay workers’ comp when you run payroll.

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Protect your business with pay-as-you-go workers’ comp insurance

Required in most states,1 workers’ comp is a form of insurance that helps protect you and your employees in case of on-the-job injuries, including medical coverage and wage replacement. It also helps protect employers against potential lawsuits.

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Set up payroll
Making workers’ comp a part of payroll is just smart business. Start by choosing a payroll solution like QuickBooks Payroll.
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Learn state requirements
If you’re not familiar with the workers’ comp laws for your state, use Find my state now to make sure you stay compliant.
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Get a free quote
Complete this simple form and our broker, AP Intego, will contact you within one business day to discuss your plan options.
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Pick a policy

AP Intego shops multiple carriers to find the best option for you. And with QuickBooks Payroll, you pay only what’s needed when you run payroll.

Getting started is easy

New or already using QuickBooks payroll?

Automate workers’ comp premiums right from QuickBooks payroll so you never miss a deadline. Fill out this form to receive a quote.

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Looking to switch to QuickBooks Payroll?

Let our trusted broker AP Intego shop multiple carriers to find the best solution for you for free. Call 866-344-4779.

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7 reasons to choose the Workers’ Comp Payment Service

  1. Pay as you go, so you can free up valuable cash flow.
  2. Monthly premiums are pay-as-you-go so you can hold onto your money longer.
  3. Hold onto your cash longer by making monthly premium payments with PAYG, instead of paying in one lump sum.
  4. No guesswork or estimates on annual payroll.
  5. Accurate calculations minimize risk of penalties.
  6. Premium payments are automatic, so you’ll never miss a deadline.
  7. We compare options so you get the best value for your business.
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Your service changed my life. No more down payments and paperwork due every year. Paying workers’ comp with each payroll is seamless. I definitely love the service.
Jarbas Godoy, The Dog from Ipanema
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Ease of payments, no surprises at the end of the year. Pay As You Go is the way to go.
Ivy Lanier, J’s Total Service, Inc.
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I love the sheer convenience of being able to do payroll and not having to worry about being over or under at the end of the policy period. Pay As You Go workers’ comp is awesome!
Callie Bruce, BCT of Central Florida
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My clients love the convenience of having workers’ comp payments based on each payroll run, thus making audits less likely to result in additional premium payments.
Debi Crilly, On the Books, LLC

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