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4 Reasons I Love QuickBooks Online Advanced

Are you familiar with QuickBooks® Online Advanced ? There are some great exclusive-to-Advanced features that enhance the QuickBooks Online experience for for growing and complex businesses these types of businesses. Here are my top four reasons why I love Intuit’s newest cloud-based software:

  1. Custom fields
  2. Google Sheets export
  3. Batch transactions
  4. Workflows

Custom fields

Custom fields are without a doubt my number one reason I like QuickBooks Online Advanced, especially because I can use formatted field types such as dates. This gives me incredible power, flexibility, and visibility into my data. The ability to have drop-down lists in custom fields allows me to prevent users from making typos in their data entry. Then, when I run a report, I know the data is reliable. I’m assured that something won’t be missing because of a typo in that field.

Log into any QuickBooks Online Advanced company and navigate to this URL. You can also find Custom Fields in All Lists, as well as in the quick access choices when you click the gear icon.


Google Sheets integration

I have literally been begging for this feature for years. In fact, two years ago when I was at Intuit’s VIP Summit I wrote this article where you will find a photo of Ariege Misherghi. It was in that very meeting that I asked about having a Google Sheets export. I guess she heard my cries.

The reason Advanced’s Google Sheets integration feature is so important to me is that it makes collaboration with my clients so much easier. In the old days, I had to export reports to Excel and email the file to my clients. They would often email me back a half-baked file and it became difficult, quickly, to keep track of what changes were new, what had been addressed, and what hadn’t.

Then I started converting all of my Excel exports to Google Sheets. Now I don’t have to.

Once I have a report for uncategorized expenses in Google Sheets, it is easy to share that with my client. They can edit the file, and it’s the same file. No emails, no confusion. I can even set up notifications, so I know immediately when a client has updated the file for me.


Export to Google Sheets will save a ton of time.

Batch transactions

When this feature was introduced in the desktop version I was very excited. This is especially useful in cleanup jobs. When you need to get a lot of transactions entered quickly, this is the way to do it.

You can do this with invoicing, checks, or expenses (credit card charges). Your custom fields can also be accessed in this dialogue, so you can really get it all done from this area.

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I did try a quick copy and paste from Google Sheets (and Excel) but it does not appear to work. Hopefully in an upcoming release.


Workflows is one of the newest areas of QuickBooks Online Advanced and I really love where this is headed. As someone who is and hangs around with early cloud adopters, I have been using Zapier for a while now to automate processes between apps, including QuickBooks Online and G Suite.

When you look at the Workflows area of QuickBooks Online Advanced you’ll see there are “Zapier-like” workflows you can create. Workflows give you the ability to make “if/then” statements, reliably streamlining repetitive tasks. Just looking at the options should be enough to get your juices flowing with ideas for how useful this will be.

One thing I have always hated is chasing people for money. I changed my whole business model years ago and started collecting payment up front from clients. I wish I would have had a feature like this years ago, it is such a time saver. You can use Workflows in Advanced to send an invoice automatically and scheduled for a certain period of time after an invoice’s due date. I can’t wait to see how this area evolves.

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Good luck integrating QuickBooks Online Advanced into your business!

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