Audrey Sellers

Audrey Sellers

Audrey is a former magazine editor in Dallas-Fort Worth who now works with B2B and B2C clients on various copywriting projects. Her passion is crafting copy that keeps readers coming back for more.


Project management vs process management: What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between project management and process management? Learn more about these disciplines and when to use each one.

How to create a project management plan for your small business

How do you set up a project management plan for a small business? Follow these five steps in order to meet your goals and grow your business.

What is business process management?

Small businesses can streamline their business processes through business process management. Learn about BPM steps and what you need for effective BPM.

How to run your family-owned small business, without the drama

While family-owned small businesses fuel local and global economies; they also have a tendency to fuel complicated emotions. Here’s how to succeed.

Money lessons from mom: A tribute by small business owners and entrepreneurs

As a tribute to mothers everywhere, we asked small business owners and entrepreneurs to share their best and wisest money lesson from mom.

The biggest Entrepreneurship trends in 2019

The business landscape looks promising for entrepreneurs. If you’re dreaming of launching your start-up in 2019, here are the biggest entrepreneurship trends to know.

5 Ways You Should Be Optimizing for Voice Search

Consumers are increasingly turning to voice search when they seek information. Here are five ways to optimize for voice search so your small business is the first one customers find.

Best Social Media Apps for 2019

Social media apps can help simplify the job of a small business marketer. Here are some of the best social media apps to check out in 2019

Social Advertising Trends to Watch for in 2019

To succeed in social advertising, small businesses must know the latest trends. Here’s what’s ahead for social and how small retailers can apply to their businesses.

Is 2019 the Year to Consider Franchising?

The year ahead looks promising for entrepreneurs interested in franchising. Here’s what to know going into 2019.

Fewer Shoppers Head to Stores for Black Friday 2018

This year’s Black Friday brought a surge in sales and a shift toward online shopping. Here are some of the biggest Black Friday takeaways for small retailers.

Technologies Small Business Owners Should Consider in 2019

The right technologies can help small business owners streamline tasks and provide enhanced customer service. Here’s a look at three technologies worth exploring in 2019

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