Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz is an experienced small business owner. He now speaks and writes to help people grow their companies.


Retail tips: How to audit your business’ customer experience

Your retail business' customer experience should constantly evolve. Audit the experience to learn what you're doing right and what you need to improve.

How to Track the Money in Your Business

You work hard to make money, but what do you do to keep track of it all? Learn how to keep track of money flowing through your small business.

5 tips for creating a convincing forecast for the bank

When it comes to giving you money, banks don't like a lot of risk. Find out how great forecasts can help you get the small business funding you need.

CPA, CMA or CFA: A Glossary of Financial Advisory Options

For most small business owners, the list of financial certifications can be confusing. Learn what a CPA, CMA and CFA does and does not do, so you can choose wisely.

Financial Lessons You Can Learn From a Lemonade Stand

If you think lemonade stands are great for kids, here is a little food for thought. Find out how a stand teaches kids about entrepreneurship, and how it does not.

How to Set the Best Price for a Big Profit

Learn how a small business can implement comptitive pricing while remaining profitable. Get tips and ideas for setting competitive prices.

10 Ways to Cut Busy Work as a New Business Owner

As a small business owner, being busy does not make you productive. In fact the opposite is sometimes true. Don't miss opportunities to get ahead by doing busy work.

Why You Don’t Use the Expensive Consultants You Pay For

Business owners, especially successful ones, often need outside help to grow their business. Find out why they often pay for advice and don't use it.

How to Get More Financial Credit for Your Business

Most lenders only give credit to businesses with a track record of paying it back on time. See how to get the financial credit your business needs.

Do You Need an Investor? Or Just a Loan?

When starting or expanding your business, it's important to know what type of cash you need. Find out when you should take out a loan and when to seek investors.

Managing Cash Flow and Accounts Receivable: How to Collect Invoices Faster

Without cash, every company will eventually go out of business. Get some accounts receivable tips to help speed up your cash flow.

Ensuring Success: Have You Done the One-Page Business Audit?

If you're looking to build a successful business that has long-term potential, ask yourself these 10 questions to see what state your small business is in.

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