Cathie Ericson

Cathie Ericson

Cathie Ericson is a freelance writer who specializes in small business, workplace issues, personal finance and health. She lives in Portland, Ore. @CathieEricson


How to prepare for the holiday rush

The countdown is on! As shoppers make their list and check it twice, retailers should too, as they prep for the busy holiday shopping season.

Restaurant POS: What is a restaurant POS system

From placing orders, managing inventory and processing payments. A modern Point of Sale System can be the a difference maker in your Restaurants operation.

38 places to find freelance jobs for all backgrounds and skill sets

Perhaps the greatest challenge of becoming a Freelancer is the uncertainty of where to find work. We have put together 41 Platforms to help assuage your fear and get you working.

What is virtual bookkeeping?

Virtual bookkeeping, through the new QuickBooks Live service, will give you time back in your day and peace of mind that your books are organized and accurate.

Tip pooling: Know the law before creating a company policy

When done right, tip pooling can improve morale and fairly compensate all your employees. But there are several legal concerns you need to understand.

How To Set Up a Contract To Ensure Your Invoices Get Paid – On Time

While setting up a contract isn't a silver bullet, it does provide certain legal protections in the unlikely event you'll have to go to court to get paid later. Here's a list of essential elements and things to consider when setting up a contract.

How to Follow Up When A Client Doesn’t Pay An Invoice

Over two weeks has passed since you sent your invoice, and the client still hasn't paid you. What can you do to ensure that you get paid? We break down each step you should take to ensure that you get paid.

Why Apps Are Crucial to Your Accounting Process

Nearly 70% of small businesses realize the value of using apps to streamline business functions, but 41% say they are unsure which apps would be most useful to their business. This article will discuss QuickBooks Apps add efficiency to your accounting process.

6 causes of inventory shrinkage and how to prevent them

When your accounting says you have more of something than your shelves do, that’s inventory shrinkage. Here are six key causes and how to prevent them.

Tax pros warn Small Business Owners not to try to deduct these 9 expenses

Think sporting event tickets are tax-deductible? Think again … find out nine surprising business expenses you probably think are tax-deductible—but aren’t.

10 ways to make your site one of the best small business websites online

Want to make your site one of the best small business websites in your industy? Start with these 10 proven and simple tips that will help win more business.

40 team building activities at work for any size business and budget

Team building activities at work don’t have to produce anxiety or eye rolls. Instead, here are 40 games and events to fit your business, large or small.

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