Chris Scott

Chris Scott

Chris Scott is a digital marketing consultant and freelance writer. He enjoys writing about personal finance and saving. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Finance and currently resides in Boston, MA.


Why a time card app is more critical now than ever

If you're having trouble organizing your business and staying on top of hours worked, a time card app could help you get back on track. Here's how.

Understanding nexus and what it means for your business

Use this guide by QuickBooks to learn what state sales tax nexus is, what it means for your business, and how to comply, so you stay in good standing.

Four ways to measure profitability and grow your business

Profitability is the difference between a business that’s booming and one that’s a bust. Find out how to calculate this key metric and improve your ratio.

How to start a corporation: A 9-step guide

A corporate structure has many benefits but can be complex to set up. Here's how to start a corporation and get your business ready for long-term growth.

Complete guide to filing self-employment taxes

Our guide to quarterly and year-end taxes for freelancers and the self-employed covers everything you need to know for your self-employed taxes.

100 business blogs that you need to start reading

If you want to increase your business savvy, these insightful business blogs can give you the information you need to run a company — MBS not required.

What is an S corp? Everything small business owners need to know

Electing an S corp tax structure could have financial benefits for your company. Find out if your small business qualifies and whether it's right for you.

W-2 employee forms: A small business owner's guide to filing

Understanding how to fill out W-2 employee forms is essential for running your business. With these tips, you can kick off tax season on the right foot.

Everything small business owners need to know about backup withholding

What Is backup withholding? Understand how backup withholding works for employers and contract workers. Learn about the IRS rules for withholding.

States with no income tax: A complete guide to income tax rates

There are only seven states with no income tax. Find out what they are and how state income tax impacts you as a small business owner.

A guide to market segmentation for small business owners

A market strategy is essential for your small business. Before you start building your strategy you will need to understand your market segments.

How to create a go-to-market strategy for a new product

Creating a new product is just the beginning. Find out what you need to do to take a product to market and have it fly off the shelves.

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