Danielle Higley

Danielle Higley

Danielle Higley is a copywriter for TSheets by QuickBooks, a time tracking and scheduling solution. She’s been a contributor to MSN.com, FiveThirtyEight, and a variety of HR and business blogs where she can put her affinity for long-form storytelling to best use.


How to manage payroll as a small business

Processing payroll manually can result in overlooking important details. Payroll software simplifies the process and reduces potential human error.

Gross Pay vs Net Pay: How to Calculate the Difference

Learn more about the difference between gross pay and net pay, and see how to calculate both an hourly and salaried employee's pay.

How to get your Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiven

There are 3 basic steps to get your Paycheck Protection Plan loan forgiven. Keep your workers on payroll, maintain their salaries, record all costs.

Your First Employee May Be Your Most Loyal Employee

Discover how and why small businesses hire their first employees and how much they paid them in this special report from QuickBooks Payroll.

This no-kill sanctuary offers 226 cage-free kitties refuge in Arizona

The Hermitage is a state-of-the-art facility with a veterinary suite, room to give sanctuary to 239 cats, and a large network of volunteers in Arizona.

Self-employed travel blogger maps a path to persevere in pandemic times

As the world continues to evolve in response to the coronavirus, small business owners like Sherita are finding ways to adapt.

Tips to avoid small business loan scams and fraud

Loan scams don't come up often, but when they do, they can create big problems. These are some tips to help you identify and avoid fraud.

What is payroll processing? How to process payroll step-by-step

Processing payroll is easier than you think. This guide will take you through the payroll process step by step, so you’re confident and prepared for payday.

What’s on a pay stub? Everything you need to know to pay an employee

A pay stub is a part of a paycheck that breaks down all withholdings, gross and net pay and more. Check stubs tell you everything you need to know about where your money is going.

How to improve business processes and boost growth

Are your business processes holding you back? Learn how to boost growth and make better use of your time and data in 4 simple steps.

Alone together: Self-employed architect shares his PPP story

For Skyler and so many small business owners, work isn’t normal right now. But that little bit of financial assistance can make a big difference in feeling like “normal” isn’t such a long way away.

6 best online marketplaces to sell your products

Discover the 6 best online selling sites to sell your products online. Each has their pros and cons. Read on to find out which ones would be best for you.

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