John Boitnott

John Boitnott

John Boitnott is a journalist with 20+ years of experience working for TV, newspaper, radio and internet companies.


5 Reasons to Scale Your Business (and 5 Reasons Not To)

Growth is a goal for all businesses. But how do you know if you're ready to scale your company? See this guide to learn the pros and cons of growth.

6 Ways to Expedite Employee Training

Employee training can be costly and time-consuming. But these 6 tips can help you speed up training and save some money in the process.

Understanding the Secrets of Inventory Management

Inventory management is a vital but time-consuming task. But with the right equipment, you can boost productivity. Here's how to improve your processes.

Using Kickstarter to Create an Investment Opportunity

Learn how a successful Kickstarter campaign can be a great catalyst into getting equity investment.

Steps to Complete Before Applying for a Loan

Acquiring a small business bank loan is a necessity for many business owners. Learn what you need to do in order to be approved by a lender.

The Complete Guide to Crowdfunding Platforms

Get our complete guide to crowdfunding platforms and find advice on using them in your next round of funding. Learn about crowdfunding platforms.

Pros & Cons Of A Startup Advisory Board

To increase the chances of startup success, build an advisory board. Find out what a proper startup advisory board entails and what factors to avoid.

8 Things Your Small Business Should Do Now to Prepare for Future Growth

If you're looking to grow your small business, then you need to prepare for growth. Follow these 8 rules to stay on top of your growing business.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Point-of-Sale System

If your business processes customer sales, you need a good POS system to keep your company running. Here's your guide to choosing the right POS system for you.

How to Minimize Bureaucracy as Your Business Grows

As a successful entrepreneur, you've got to protect your company and employees from crippling bureaucracy. Learn how to overcome this byproduct of success.

How a Diverse Board of Directors Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

Setting up a board of directors for your business is good, but building a diverse one is much better. Learn the benefits of having diversity in your company.

5 Ways to Use Crowdfunding to Get Media Attention

Crowdfunding a product successfully requires a lot of hard work, but the benefits are many. Learn how the publicity alone can turn your product in a best-seller.

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