Kat Boogaard

Kat Boogaard

Kat Boogaard is a freelance writer specializing in career, self-development, and entrepreneurship topics. Her work has been published by outlets including Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, TIME, Inc., Mashable, and The Muse.


5 steps to create and launch your small business website

Launching your small business website can feel daunting. This guide breaks the process down into five simple steps.

What is a value proposition and how do you write one?

Figuring out how to write a value proposition can feel like a daunting task for small business owners. Here’s how to craft your own statement.

How to choose the right name for your small business

Choosing a business name is a big decision. This guide will walk you through how to land on a name that feels right for your small business.

When and how to trademark your business name

Should you trademark your business name? If so, what should you expect that process to look like? This guide has answers to your trademark questions.

Is it time to open a physical location? 6 things to keep in mind

Opening a physical location for your business is a big decision. Here’s how to decide if it’s time, and what you should look for.

Your guide to small business permits and licenses

Navigating small business permits can be confusing. Here’s your guide to the permits and licenses you should consider when starting a business.

8 crowdfunding sites for your small business

There are tons of crowdfunding sites to choose from to raise money for your business or project. Here are eight of the best.

Small business grants: 20+ grants and resources to fund your future without debt

Looking for small business grants to fund your new business? Here are 20 different options as well as helpful resources to guide you.

How to use angel investors to fund your business

Getting enough money to start your business is a challenge, and “find angel investors” is common advice. Here’s how to do that.

Building your brand: How to choose fonts and colors for your business

Selecting the fonts and colors for your business’s brand can feel daunting. Here’s your guide to figuring out what suits your business best.

What is Certified Payroll? Requirements and FAQ

Certified payroll is a federal payroll report. Government contractors submit federal Form WH-347 weekly to the agency overseeing the government contract. The form lists every employee, their wages, their benefits, the type of work they did, and the hours they worked. It also shows withholdings and gross wages and includes a statement of compliance.

How to accept mobile payments: A guide for small businesses

Mobile payments allow businesses to accept and process payments through mobile devices. Learn how mobile payments work and how to start accepting them.

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