Kathryn Pomroy

Kathryn Pomroy

Kathryn is a journalist and storyteller. She’s a sucker for great content that matters, pushes the boundaries beyond her core responsibilities, and actually enjoys making challenging, complex ideas and concepts understandable and appealing to diverse audiences. She was as a newspaper editor, a senior writer at two advertising agencies, proofreader of college textbooks, and journalism teacher. Kathryn has a working knowledge and years of experience in finance and financial concepts, investments, markets, and more. She lives in Duluth, Minnesota with her family and her dog, Nellie.


Does your company need a business address, virtual address, or PO Box?

Many small-business owners don't have a unique address for their business. Should you use your personal address or consider a virtual address or PO Box?

W-4 forms: How they relate to W-2 forms and impact business owners

While they may have similar names, IRS Forms W-2 and W-4 serve completely different functions. Learn the differences between the two before they trip you up.

What is net income and how does it affect your bottom line

Net revenue and net income are two important accounting terms related to the financial health of your small business. Learn more about these terms.

What is cash flow? An in-depth guide for business owners

Cash flow may be the most important accounting term in your vocabulary. Learn what it is and how to avoid cash flow problems.

Your 1099 form: 7 mistakes to avoid and 4 tips to prevent an audit

Taxes for the self-employed can be tricky. If you need to file a 1099, be sure to avoid these 7 mistakes and follow these 4 tips to avoid an audit.

Tax tips for rideshare drivers: How to file an Uber 1099 and Lyft 1099

Taxes for rideshare drivers is a bit more complex than taxes for traditional workers. Here's a simple guide on how to read and file your 1099.

What is an EIN Number, and does your business need one?

Employer Identification Number or a Federal Tax Identification Number is how the IRS identifies your company. Business owners use their EINs to conduct activities that would otherwise require a Social Security number

Exempt vs. non-exempt employees: What’s the difference?

Learn how to comply with exempt and non-exempt labor regulations. Understand the difference between exempt employees and non-exempt employees.

Is starting a limited partnership best for your business?

Limited Partnerships are a common business structure and relativity easily to set up, but does that make them right for your new start up?

How to get government contracts for your small business

The government purchases an astonishing volume of products each year, and 23 percent of the $500 billion in yearly contracts are required to go to small companies.

Can Valpak advertising boost your sales?

Valpak provides 45 million U.S. homeowners with coupons for everything from dental services to pizzas. Should you advertise with Valpak?

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