Katrina Dalao

Katrina Dalao

Kat Dalao is a content manager based in New York. She spent the majority of her career in magazine publishing, first as a features writer and then a creative director, before making the move to digital.


What is minimum order quantity and how can you best use it?

Minimum order quantities (MOQs) are the smallest amount of a product a supplier is willing to sell in a single purchase. For businesses, particularly distributors and wholesalers, setting an MOQ ensures each sale generates enough profit to cover costs.

What is shipping insurance and when should you use it?

Learn what shipping insurance is and if you're business should use it to lower costs and reduce risk in order fulfillment in this comprehensive guide from QuickBooks.

What is slotting and how can your business use it?

Learn what warehouse slotting is and how businesses are using it to optimize their inventory and warehouse operations.

What is cycle stock and how can you use it?

What is cycle stock? Learn why optimizing cycle stock is essential for high performance and how you can calculate it with economic order quantity (EOQ).

What is upselling and how can you use it?

Learn how businesses are using upselling to offer more value to customers and drive growth. Read the complete guide from QuickBooks.

What is cost-plus pricing and how can you use it?

Learn how your business can use cost-plus pricing to quickly price inventory and create transparency with customers. Read the complete guide from QuickBooks.

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