Kim Harris

Kim Harris

Kim Harris is a copywriter and blogger for TSheets by QuickBooks. When she’s not writing about new ways time tracking and scheduling save business owners time and money, you’ll find her reading, dining, or plotting her next adventure.


New survey reveals small business reaction to tax reform

Small business owners and accountants reveal their biggest tax challenges and how tax reform is affecting them in a new survey from QuickBooks Payroll.

Freelance Retailers Reveal Secrets of Holiday Season Success

The holiday season is vital to many retailers. But when you're self-employed, how do you cope? A new survey by QuickBooks Self-Employed has the answers.

More Hiring Predicted in 2019 by New QuickBooks Survey

Business owners and recruiters are upbeat about hiring more workers in 2019 according to a new survey from QuickBooks Payroll.

The $123 Billion Cost of Employment Tax Violations

Employment tax violations are more expensive, despite fewer cases. The annual cost of employment tax violations in 2016 reached more than $6 billion. Employment tax fraud is not worth the risk. Read more on the latest research by QuickBooks Payroll.

Personal finance struggles of self-employed revealed in new survey

Personal finance challenges like saving for retirement are all too common for self-employed workers according to a new survey from QuickBooks.

7 Things That Separate Self-Employed Workers From Everyone Else

Why do some people succeed at self-employment while others don't? New QuickBooks survey reveals 7 characteristics many self-employed people share.

7 Things You Need to Know About the All-American Payday

Has tax reform and a strong economy boosted American workers' expectations for pay raises? Find out in this in-depth survey by QuickBooks Payroll.

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