Laura McCamy

Laura McCamy

Laura McCamy is a freelance writer based in Oakland, California. She writes about small business, real estate, and development. An avid urban bike rider, she also loves to cover bicycling, urban planning, and the intersection of bicycles and business. Follow her on Twitter @lmcwords.


Food entrepreneur sells her startup to grow her brand

?I?m a teacher by heart, an entrepreneur by circumstance,? says Natalie Susi, founder of Bare Organic Cocktail Mixers.

5 Tips for Selecting and Implementing the Best Platform for Remote Workers

Through online collaboration, it?s easier than ever for small businesses to expand by adding remote workers rather than renting expensive office space.

For a Sneaker-Loving Entrepreneur, Success Is in the Bag

What happens when you take a great idea, create a Kickstarter campaign, generate some buzz, then fall short of your $40,000 goal?

5 Tips for Boosting Your Twitter Following

Here are five more tips for managing your business Twitter feed to help you engage potential customers and build your following.|Here are five more tips for managing your business Twitter feed to help you engage potential customers and build your following.

6 Common Email Newsletter Errors to Avoid

An effective email newsletter can drive traffic to your website and boost customer engagement. Get tips to avoid six errors in an email newsletter.

Former Hip-Hop Mogul Finds His Calling in Real Estate Investing

Matt Theriault got his first paying job in the music industry at age 17 and started producing records a year later.

From Political Career to Beauty Entrepreneur

Susanne Norwitz, founder and owner of the Maya Chia skincare line, has had an affinity for beauty products since she was a child.

New Business Accelerator Will Take Veteran-Owned Businesses to the Next Level

Miami incubator and accelerator Venture Hive and a Florida city are partnering to offer programs to help military veterans transition to entrepreneurship.

One Man’s Journey from Garage Inventor to “Dadpreneur”

“When my little girl was a baby and I was bottle feeding her, I always had this idea in my head of having a free hand,” says Hill.

Bread Company Bakes in Second Chances for Former Inmates

Brothers Dave and Glenn Dahl and Glenn?s son Shobie introduced Dave?s Killer Bread to Portland, Ore. farmer?s markets in 2005.

3 Red Flags That May Trigger an IRS Audit of Your Small Business

You can?t avoid death or taxes -- but you may not be able to avoid a tax audit, according to Scott F. Berger.

How the Affordable Care Act Can Improve the Health of Small Businesses

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) gives small businesses the opportunity to provide health benefits for their employees at much lower cost than in the past.

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