Loni Klara

Loni Klara

Loni is a freelance writer whose contributions have appeared on Atlas Obscura, Screen Rant, Culture Trip, Buffer, and Tech in Asia. She writes about tech, HR, marketing by day and is a screenwriter by night.


How QuickBooks Enterprise helps Absolute Drywall Service grow 10% month-over-month

Learn how Absolute Drywall service used Quickbooks Enterprise to ceate a job costing system that's helped them grow 10% month-over-month.

From employee to consultant: 3 things to consider before making the switch

Here are some tips to consider on how to become a consultant, from calculating your own paycheck to increasing productivity.

How a side gig on Amazon became a pet travel company

Devon Meadows, the owner of Next Level Pet, shares his story of starting an Amazon business selling toothbrushes that evolved into a pet travel company.

A complete guide to manufacturing software systems

Its impossible to run a competitive manufacturing business today without innovative software solutions, so read our complete guide to manufacturing software systems.

5 ways to simplify your manufacturing operations with software

Being a manaufacturer is hard as it is, find out how you can simplify a complex process with the latest and greatest software solutions.

How Center City Public School uses QuickBooks Enterprise to shape their students’ futures

QuickBooks Enterprise nonprofit software enables Jennifer to make smart spending choices that will have a powerful impact on Center City students’ lives.

Construction worker benefits that make the job more appealing

Learn the benefits workplace culture today's construction workers desire so you can improve your recruiting efforts and decrease turnover.

4 things Amazon sellers need to know about filing taxes

Learn how to file taxes as an Amazon seller. From 1099s to deductions, we’ve got you covered.

The dangers of vanity metrics for client-focused firms and what to measure instead

We’ll reveal some of the most effective hacks to increase productivity, vetted by business owners and other C-suite executives.

How Stella & Dot empowers female entrepreneurs

What started as a side gig turned into a full-time career for Erin Reckner. She shares business insights and tips for female entrepreneurs.

Taxes for eBay Sellers: What You Need to Know

Whether you use eBay as a hobby or a business, keep these things in mind when you file your taxes.

How to track billable hours and get paid fast

When you bill by the hour, every minute counts. For freelancers who don’t want to miss out on hard-earned money, here are some time tracking tips.

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