Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri is a marketing consultant, business sociologist, and entrepreneur who runs Storyhackers. She enjoys helping companies reach and engage with audiences who love to learn.


What are payment terms? How to use invoice payment terms to protect your business

Whether you’re invoicing for the first time or trying to inspire on-time payments, these payment terms will help you set boundaries with your clients.

Accounts receivable tips: How to get paid online

Accepting online payments is a great way to manage accounts receivable and speed up cash flow. Here are your options when selecting a payment solution.

3 Hidden Problems That Surface When Building a Payroll System

Building a payroll system is complicated even for the experts. Here are three problems that tend to surface when payroll is implemented or updated.

3 simple payroll tips will make your life easier

These simple payroll management strategies will help any business save time. Making powerful payroll decisions is key for sustainability and growth.

3 Cash Flow Mistakes That Nearly Upended a Profitable, Growing Business

Cash flow is challenge for all businesses—even growing, profitable ones. Learn how one entrepreneur navigated the challenges of a cash-dependent business.

How to create an invoice

Wondering how to create an invoice? Follow our steps to create the perfect invoice and ensure that you get paid accurately and efficiently.

How to stay compliant when paying international employees

Learn how to avoid the risks that come with paying international employees so that you can stay in compliance while growing your business.

Should Your Invoices Include Finance Charges?

Should finance charges (e.g. interest) be added to an invoice if the customer fails to pay on time? See 5 reasons for including finance charges.

9 options for paying your employees when you can’t make payroll

What can you do if you can't make payroll? It's a tricky situation, but there are options for small business owners everywhere.

Invoice Factoring: Pros, Cons & How it Works

Invoice financing, also known as factoring, helps companies get cash in exchange for future customer payments. Find out the pros and cons of this financing method.

Hiring Your First Employee: Must-Knows & Mistakes to Avoid

Congratulations on hiring your first employee! Three entrepreneurs reveal their first hiring mistakes, and let you know what you can do to avoid them too.

What does the IRS look for in an audit?

Small business owners know all too well the frustrations and anxiety a tax audit can cause. There is no guaranteed way to avoid an audit, but QuickBooks sat down with some tax experts to discuss best practices to avoid and be prepared for an audit.

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