Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri is a marketing consultant, business sociologist, and entrepreneur who runs Storyhackers. She enjoys helping companies reach and engage with audiences who love to learn.


Avoidable, easy to fix payroll mistakes

Get expert tips to stay clear of simple payroll errors and find ways to solve them when they happen.

Payroll processing blunders: How growing businesses can avoid headaches, penalties and accidental resource drains

Payroll processing is complicated for small businesses, especially when payroll is being managed manually. Here are some lessons about payroll management one entrepreneur learned the hard way.

What does the IRS look for in an audit?

Small business owners know all too well the frustrations and anxiety a tax audit can cause. There is no guaranteed way to avoid an audit, but QuickBooks sat down with some tax experts to discuss best practices to avoid and be prepared for an audit.

Small business toolkit

So your going to do it, you've finally decided to start your own small business. Not sure where to begin? QuickBooks has put together a toolkit to help get you through the first five days and up and running.

How to stay compliant when paying international employees

Learn how to avoid the risks that come with paying international employees so that you can stay in compliance while growing your business.

Create a process to take payments over the phone

Put a process in place to take payments over the phone, while keeping your customers at ease. Doing so will positively impact both of you.

3 simple payroll tips will make your life easier

These simple payroll management strategies will help any business save time. Making powerful payroll decisions is key for sustainability and growth.

Crisis averted: Tips for managing risks in your business

These risk management strategies can help you outsmart problems in your business, avoid potential disaster and grow your business.

How to create an invoice

Wondering how to create an invoice? Follow our steps to create the perfect invoice and ensure that you get paid accurately and efficiently.

Getting paid on your website: Your strategic business advantage

Your small business' web page may be an untapped revenue source. Optimize to capitalize, get paid on your website.

What happens if you can't make payroll? 11 steps to take to get your employees paid

Few things are more stressful for an employer than the fear of missing payroll. Use these 11 steps to fix the probelm.

5 self-care strategies for and from time-strapped small-business owners

Work-life balance is one of the toughest parts of owning a small business. Discover five self-care strategies from small business owners you can use today.

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