Rochelle Bailis

Rochelle Bailis

Rochelle Bailis is a business writer and marketer.


Do I need to collect sales tax? If so, how much?

How to get a trademark and leave a lasting impression

Your business is exactly that: your business. You dreamed up the idea, created the brand, and have begun building something you can be proud of. But w...

The ultimate guide to forming a general partnership

Creating a general partnership is a good option for new businesses with multiple owners. Learn the steps to form one here.

How To Create A Limited Liability Company (LLC)

LLCs combine liability protection and pass-through taxation, making them a popular business structure for new companies. Learn how to create one.

Checklist for Choosing a Great Business Name

Your business name is often a person's first introduction to your company, and it has the power to drive customers to your doorstep--or to your competitors.

Understanding Pinterest for Business

Internet Marketing Terms You Should Know

Lifestyle vs. Liquidity Business: Which Is Right for You?

Red Flags To Watch For When Buying A Franchise

Learn about the disclosure process when buying a franchise.

Franchise 101: The Basic Terms, Tips and Facts

Get up speed quickly on running a franchise. Learn about the pros and cons.

Checklist for Setting Up a Great Retail Space

Setting up a great retail space optimized for sales and traffic involves aesthetics and functionality. Get tips for setting up great retail space.

10 Tips for Pricing Your Product

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