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Sandi Leyva

Sandi Leyva helps small businesses owners succeed.


Accounting’s alphabet soup: What do all these certifications mean?

CPA, CMA and EA are a few of the specializations an accountant can earn. Learn what these certifications mean and how they may benefit your business.

Flat Fees and Packages: How to Price Your Services Like Products

Stuck on hourly pricing? Why not try flat rates and packages? Take the ambiguity out of hourly pricing, and boost sales by marketing your services like products.

How Does Your Revenue Stack Up to Other Small Businesses?

Is everyone else making more money than your small business? Find out from these SBA statistics. Compare your business revenue with other businesses.

Why ROI Is the King of Wealth Concepts

Understanding ROI in your business can make the difference between failure and success. You might have heard the term before; now let?s explore it in depth.

Assets vs. Expenses: Learning the Difference Can Make You Rich

Understanding the key differences between assets vs expenses may not be too difficult, but using that knowledge to generate wealth can be tricky.

How to Select the Perfect Bookkeeper for Your Business

Finding the right bookkeeper can make all the difference for your small business. Get tips to guide you when you are ready to chose a bookkeeper.

5 Areas Where Your Accountant May Fall Short

Accountants are invaluable for business operations, but they might not be telling you the whole story. Learn how to talk to your accountant for the info you need.

How to Select the Perfect Tax Preparer for Your Business

Navigating tax laws can be tough. But by following this guide, you can find the perfect tax preparer to help you get the most out of your return.

Why You Should Stop Hating Budgeting and Start Loving Profit Planning

As a responsible business owner, proper budgeting is too important to ignore. Plan your profit guide by forecasting revenue, expenses and what-if scenarios.

How to Price Your Products or Services: Value-Based Pricing

Of the two most popular methods to price products or services, value-based pricing offers the most potential profit. Here's how it can boost your business.

Five Ways to Speed Up Your Cash Flow

Here are five ideas that will help you permanently raise cash, and speed up your cash flow, with very little cost. Learn how improve your cash flow.

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