Sophie Sirois

Sophie Sirois

Sophie Sirois focuses on business-centric editorials, how-to guides, contributing posts, and more. Sophie covers a variety of small business topics, including, HR, accounting, tax preparation, and payroll management.


Time blocking template: A guide to time blocking

Learn how time blocking can help your team improve productivity and streamline operations with this guide from Intuit QuickBooks.

Payroll forms every business owner should have

Learn about the payroll forms every business owner should have on hand for their employees.

A guide to restaurant payroll

Restaurant management is no small feat. Learn how to tackle restaurant payroll with ease using this guide from Intuit QuickBooks.

Federal withholding tax table

Learn what business owners should know about federal withholdings with easy-to-read tax tables.

How to fill out a timesheet

Running a business means taking the proper steps to ensure your employees are working efficiently and are paid accurately for their time. To ensure th...

Timesheet approval process

Learn how the timesheet approval process works with this guide from Intuit QuickBooks.

9/80 work schedule: What is a 9/80 schedule?

Looking for a flexible schedule to implement? Read our 9/80 work schedule guide to see if it’s the best choice for your business.

Timesheet Reminders: How to remind employees to submit timesheets on time

Learn how QuickBooks Time timesheet reminders can help your team stay on track with this guide.

A guide to employee productivity

Are you noticing a decrease in employee productivity? Use our guide to help you engage your staff and boost productivity in the workplace.

Are timesheets a legal requirement?

Learn the legal requirements of using timesheets in your business with this comprehensive guide from Intuit QuickBooks.

Employee tracking: Monitoring employees in the workplace

Considering implementing employee tracking or monitoring software? Read our guide to learn everything you need to know about productivity tracking.

Should you use finance charges on your invoices?

Read on to learn what a finance charge is, how it affects you, and whether you should use it in your small business.

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