Thomas Tracy

Thomas Tracy

Thomas Tracy is a writer and small business consultant with 28 years of experience in the insurance, employee benefits and financial services industries.


Competitive pricing: What it is and how to use it for your business

Competitive pricing is the process of selling your products or services at the same or a lower price than your competitors. Businesses can also practice competitive pricing by offering more attractive payment terms than their competition.

How client-focused businesses can increase efficiency by optimizing utilization rates

Managing your firm’s utilization rate will help you optimize your employees’ work ratios while helping boost your top-line.

Alternative ERP modules: functionality without the complexity

An ERP may not be the best answer to your business problems. Learn the other choices that won’t complicate your business operations.

A personal and productive approach to manufacturing recruiting and hiring

Find out how blending personal and analytical approaches to hiring manufacturing employees can help you hiring the best candidates and reduce turnover.

ERP defined: examples, how it works & if you need it

Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) right for your business? Learn the risks and alternatives to investing in ERP, as well as the biggest questions to ask before choosing a business management software solution.

Does your business need an ERP?

An ERP is not a one size fits all solution, despite what a sales rep says. Learn about the factors of an ERP that you need to know to find a software solution.

Moore’s law and the shrinking product life cycle

The product lifecycle is shrinking and innovations in hardware are accelerating. Find out how you can increasing speed of product development in manufacturing.

Custom, industry-specific ERP-type solutions

Every business has its own unique obstacles to growth. It can be tantalizing to think an all-in-one software solution can remove those barriers, but an inflexible, one-size-fits-all approach can often backfire.

Where to find a new breed of manufacturing employees

Automation was once thought to eliminate manufacturing jobs. Today the spread of technology also creates pressing demand for a bevy of workers with upgraded expertise.

Reaching the summit of business performance

Find out what attributes high-performing businesses and the world's best adventurers share in common, and how to use them to reach your business potential.

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