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QuickBooks partner profile: Fast Trac Consulting organizes complex financials for CNS Homes and C2S Development

Clean, clear, and organized decision-quality data

Fast Trac Consulting employed deep knowledge of the real estate industry, unmatched expertise in QuickBooks software, and detailed accounting best practices to get CNS Homes organized and ready to grow their wealth with the launch of two new LLCs.

Tracking complex transactions with consistent accuracy

C2S Development LLC is a real estate group specializing in rentals, and flipping family and small multi-family homes in southeastern Massachusetts. Founded by three partners in 2018, C2S Development grew out of its parent company, CNS Home Solutions LLC, at a fast pace, leaving founders Tony, Kyle, and Mike racing to keep up. With a document-heavy workflow and intricate, high-dollar transactions on their plates daily, C2S Development needed a full financial and archival organization system—and they needed it right away.

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An organized foundation to build wealth

Gita Faust of Fast Trac Consulting knows the real estate industry. She’s a renowned QuickBooks® Solution Provider, an experienced accountant, and a leader in the QuickBooks and real estate business communities. Having once followed a QuickBooks course written by Faust, the partners at C2S Development knew that she was the expert they needed.

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“Without Fast Trac Consulting and Gita’s approach to problem-solving, we would be in a different place professionally. As young entrepreneurs who didn’t know much of anything with respect to proper bookkeeping and the relationship between bookkeeping and accounting, Fast Trac solved that for us. Looking back, I can say my only mistake was not starting with Gita and Fast Trac sooner.”
Kyle Cabral, C2S Development

Faust began with an account review, diving deep and learning that their past CPA had simply not known real estate or the right questions to ask. After hours of study, reconciling, and amending past tax returns, Faust cleaned up the books and was ready for the next phase.

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“Was it painful? Yes. But we got them through it. They did it our way because it’s the right way, and now they are growing their wealth with confidence.”
Gita Faust, Fast Trac Consulting

With a firm direction in mind, Faust led C2S Development through a migration from QuickBooks Plus to QuickBooks Online Advanced , and an overhaul of their entire financial process. Connecting apps that she had helped to develop, Faust and Fast Trac built a simplified workflow to sync with QuickBooks, for ease of use in products, services, and classes management; detailed recordkeeping and reporting; and for time-saving success.

Accounting, bookkeeping, and consulting: The full Fast Trac solution

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Ready for the future

With a simplified workflow, 90% fewer hours spent on job costing, and increased confidence, CNS Homes branched out and opened C2S Development and C2S Energy, both LLCs. The new Fast Trac Consulting system is their foundation for continuous, streamlined, efficient work, and Gita Faust is their trusted guide. The entire C2S business group is making better business decisions, reaching goals, and building dreams.

At a glance

QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP): Fast Trac Consulting

QSP specializations: real estate, construction

QSP applied expertise: consulting, bookkeeping, set up and training, implementation, custom reporting, app development

Customer: C2S Development LLC

Location: New Bedford, Mass.

Industry: real estate

Solution: QuickBooks Online Advanced

Key add-ons: HammerZen, Hubdoc,

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