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10 top budget-friendly digital marketing tools for small businesses

Now is a time like no other for small businesses.

Whether you wanted to or not, you’ve started working virtually. Not only is your system now remote, but you’ve also probably seen some budget changes since the pandemic began.

However, you still need to drive huge results with digital marketing. Whether you’re looking for better analytics, email marketing, or outbound sales, every small business today needs to squeeze even more out of less.

So, we’ve prepared a list of the 10 tools we recommend for small businesses looking to step up their digital marketing while on a budget.

1. Mailshake. Are you spending too much time on manual cold outreach? Mailshake helps by automating your outreach and keeping prospects engaged through the whole customer journey.

You’ll get notifications and information about each prospect and triggers to reach out, or the ability to schedule something automatic – across email, social, and phone.

2. ClickFlow. ClickFlow lets you run A/B testing on your website, experiment with better meta tags and titles, optimize your content, and more.

You’ll be able to level up your content marketing and SEO game with tools the pros use, plus some unique features you won’t find with any other software.

3. GetResponse. GetReponse is an all-in-one platform to automate your marketing and grow your business. You can use its intuitive software to send emails, create drip campaigns, design pages, and set up automations.

Gone are the days when the only part of an email you could customize was the email signature. With GetResponse, you can easily design eye-catching messages that boost opens, clicks, and sales.

4. StoreYa. If you run an e-commerce business, you need to check out StoreYa. It’s a tool that integrates with one click into e-commerce apps, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

From there, you can use StoreYa’s AI technology to optimize Facebook, Instagram, and, of course, Google Ads for e-commerce. You can also increase conversions on your website and optimize your Facebook store for more sales.

5. JustReachOut. Think you need a PR agency to get featured in the media? Think again! JustReachOut simplifies the process of getting press mentions and backlinks for your brand.

Instead of spending hours finding someone’s email only to be turned down, use JustReachOut to launch targeted campaigns for features on high authority websites.

JustReachOut is part software, part training. You can quickly pull lists of relevant reporters and media contacts, get guidance on the perfect pitch, and then send messages and start getting traction with the sites that matter to your business.

6. HubSpot CRM. There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of HubSpot – they’ve been the industry leader in inbound marketing for well over a decade now, and for good reason.

But, have you heard about one of the most attractive features that the brand offers? It’s best-in-class CRM software with a free forever plan (and affordable upgrades). It’s a cinch to combine your marketing and sales data and start getting actionable insights into prospects and customers.

If you’ve been juggling spreadsheets and email threads, it’s time to upgrade to the same tool that the professionals use.

7. Every small business owner knows that projects don’t manage themselves. That’s why you need a professional tool like to keep all your digital marketing tasks in a single place.

Monday helps you track to-dos and projects, as well as assign them to members of your team. It’s a powerful project management tool with CRM software built in that eliminates stress and hassle and lets you focus on execution and results.

8. Mailbird. Mailbird lets your inbox work the way email should. First, it integrates with dozens of powerful business apps, including Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Calendar.

Second, it gives you the features you’ve always wanted, such as unified inbox, snooze, undo send, LinkedIn lookup, and more. And, if that wasn’t enough, Mailbird works fast and looks great.

9. Nextiva. If you have a business with a high call volume in marketing, sales, and support, you need a way to organize those interactions in a single place. Nextiva is the answer.

Nextiva is one of the most reliable VOIP services for small business that synchronizes your communication and automates the inbound call experience. You’ll save time, money, and effort running your business. Do you know why there’s a chatbot on every site you visit these days? Because they work. And, is at the top of the pack. is chatbot software built for a human experience. Whether your goals are to increase sales, generate leads, or just reduce the support questions your small team needs to answer, is an easy way to move forward.

Moving forward with even more tools

We’re just covering the basics with these 10 budget-friendly tools. If you want to find even more great digital marketing apps to grow your small business, read this article.

And, whether you’re looking for an alternative to the tools we mentioned above or something more specialized such as a timesheet app, check out the daily deals site, AppSumo. You can find lifetime deals on software for a fraction of its listed price.

No matter what your budget looks like, there are always plenty of options to explore!

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