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3 unique ways small business owners take care of their employees

Small business owners in the United States tend to have one thing in common: Their employees are part of one big, extended family.

Eight in 10 employers said they care about their employees like family, according to a recent QuickBooks® Payroll survey .* But, being part of the family means more than having an emotional connection with employees. Two in five employers said they would share lottery winnings with their employees. Another one in five would donate a kidney to an employee in need.

No matter the stakes, employers care deeply about their teams’ well-being. The QuickBooks survey revealed three more surprising insights on how far small business owners would go to help their employees.

1. Business owners are prioritizing a work-life balance

Typically, small businesses have smaller teams, which makes the “family” feeling all the more real. And, because they work with their teams closely, employers understand the importance of work-life balance. For many small business owners, maintaining that balance has become a priority when managing their teams.

Employee work-life balance is a common theme in the survey. Overall, 98 percent of business owners agree that healthy employees are more productive employees. Perhaps, that’s why one in five would be willing to donate a kidney to an employee in need. They understand the value of their workforce – and some will go to great lengths to ensure they’re healthy.

In addition, many business owners would go out of their way to make employees feel comfortable at work. Three in five encourage their employees to take personal or mental health days. Another eight in 10 treat their employees to a combination of snacks, meals, and gift cards. More than half have done personal chores or run errands for their employees … now that’s going the extra mile.

2. Business owners want to keep their work families happy

Many business owners worry about making staffing mistakes that might impact their teams negatively. For example, two in five employers worry about losing good employees to jobs that offer better benefits, and one in three business owners says they would rather take a cut in pay than lay off workers.

Business owners aren’t just worried about losing employees; one in three worries about the consequences of hiring the wrong people. When it comes to small businesses, hiring for culture fit is often a top priority that leads to business growth. Yet, half of survey respondents said they lack confidence in hiring, and more than 70 percent said they care as much about an applicant’s personality as they do about their skill set.

3. Business owners keep financial impact top-of-mind

Over 80 percent of respondents said they care about their employees’ financial health. This illustrated another theme in the survey: the importance business owners place on their teams’ financial stability.

Small business owners worry about the ripple effects of making financial mistakes in their business. Small businesses operate on tight budgets, so the margin for error can be narrow. Add that to the pressure to keep everyone happy, and it’s no wonder small business owners stress over mistakes.

More than 63 percent of respondents worry about running late or inaccurate payroll because it would hurt their employees. Another 31 percent worry about receiving penalties from filing late or inaccurate payroll taxes. For the majority of business owners, the pressure is on to get things right the first time.

How QuickBooks Online Payroll helps owners help their teams

For small business owners, taking care of their work family is a blessing and a curse. It’s rewarding to grow their dream and share in their work families’ accomplishments. But, the pressure to get things right is stressful.

QuickBooks Online Payroll helps small business owners have complete confidence when taking care of their work families. Whether it’s hiring, running payroll, or finding the right insurance, QuickBooks is ready to assist with:

  • Auto payroll1
  • Same-day direct deposit2
  • Automatic tax deductions and filing
  • Integrated time tracking
  • HR advisory3
  • Employee health benefits4
  • Workers compensation insurance5

With the help of QuickBooks Payroll, small business owners can get the tools and support they need to care about their employees. Taking care of their work families can be stressful. But, business owners know it’s worth it—even if it means losing a kidney.

*QuickBooks Payroll commissioned Qualtrics to anonymously survey 610 adult business owners in the U.S. with internet access. The survey was conducted in November 2019.

  1. Auto payroll is available if setup for employees and the company are complete, all employees are salaried employees, all employees are set up on direct deposit, bank verification, e-services is enabled, all employees are located in the same state and the company is not a multi-state company, and the account has not been on hold in the last six months.
  2. Same-Day Deposit available to QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite users. Payroll processed before 7 am, PT, shall arrive the same business day (excluding weekends and holidays). Requires setup of direct deposit and bank verification. Same-Day direct deposit may be subject to eligibility criteria. Deposit delays may vary because of third party delays, risk reviews, or issues beyond Intuit’s control. Same-Day Deposit available only for employees.
  3. Human resource support is provided by experts at Mammoth, Inc. See Mammoth’s privacy policy and Terms of Use. HR Support Center available only to QuickBooks Online Premium and Elite subscriptions. HR Advisor support only available in QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite. HR support is not available to accountants who are calling on behalf of their clients.
  4. Health benefits are powered by Allstate Health Solutions and require acceptance of Allstate Health Solution’s privacy policy and Terms of Service. Additional fees will apply. Allstate Health Solutions does not offer insurance in HI, VT, and DC. Insurance coverage eligibility is not guaranteed, and dependent solely on the rules of insurance carrier. The insurance carrier has sole and final discretion as to the eligibility for health insurance products.
  5. Workers’ Compensation Service is provided through an insurance policy by NEXT Insurance Group, and it requires a paid Intuit payroll subscription.

Health benefits: Health Insurance benefits are provided by Intuit Insurance Services Inc., a licensed insurance broker, through a partnership with Allstate Health Solutions. Requires acceptance of Allstate's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Intuit Insurance Services is owned and operated by Intuit Inc. and is paid a percentage fee of insurance policy premiums by Allstate Health Solutions in connection with the services described on this page.

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