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5 hacks to rewire your brain for creativity

Did you know that possess the power to rewire your brain and tune up your cognitive abilities?

For the past decade, brain scientists released more proof that shows the human brain is incredibly plastic , meaning that all you need to do is find the right habits and routines. If you choose and commit to changing your behavior and becoming happier, more creative, and optimally productive, you will successfully rewire your brain.

Here are 5 hacks to give you significant gains in creativity and performance.

#1: Leverage creative coaching

A life coach who specializes in creative coaching will help you to start thinking in new and different ways. Creative coaching involves teaching people who struggle with creativity the art of expressing their emotions, solving problems, and generating new ideas in a better way. If thinking outside the box isn’t your strongest suit, perhaps you need to book an appointment with a life coach.

The relevance of gaining creative skills in business can never be overemphasized. Creativity helps corporate leaders and business owners work through any barriers that could be holding them back. A reputable creativity coach will go beyond how to gain clarity and better understand issues. A coach will train you on how to resolve conflicts and see things from the best possible perspectives. That is why investing in a creative life coach is never a waste of time or money. Another approach would be to send your top creative employees in an accredited life coaching course where they can get all the essential coaching insights.

#2: Diversify mind inputs

All human beings are creatures of habit. The only variation from one person to the other is the degree to which our habits and routines affect our minds. This makes us happy and comfortable, but it also limits our mind inputs, and leaves little or no room for creativity. Speaking to the same group of people, sharing the same ideas, cooking the same recipes, and visiting the same places makes you good at what you, do but does not necessarily improve your creativity.

If you want to diversify and improve your output, you must be ready to leave your comfort zone and start doing things differently. Take a vacation abroad, for example. Strike up conversations with random people, learn a new language, start playing new video games, read far and wide, and challenge yourself to do things that you ordinarily would not do. The more the new interactions you make, the more diverse your thinking capacity will be.

#3: As much as possible, don’t multitask

Multitasking basically means asking your brain not to focus on anything specific. Instead, spin as many plates as possible, with the end game for any of the spins not being definitive. It is almost impossible for a normal human mind to focus on so many things and still manage to leave room for creativity. Think of what would become of your life if you allowed your brain room to think all the time by quitting multitasking. It would be great, of course. Stop piling up issues or forcing things that probably don’t need to be pushed. Take everything in and start solving issues as they come. That will help with your creativity.

#4: Practice mindful observation

Improving your observation skills will set up your brain to a path of discovery and creative thinking. Mindful observation means taking note of your surroundings and being alive to everything that happens around you, no matter the time or place. It is time you started appreciating the environment in which you live and appreciating the creativity of the people around you. Start noticing problems everywhere you go, and instead of feeling overwhelmed by them, volunteer to find workable and innovative solutions. That will help you tap into your creative energy.

#5: Take time out and do absolutely nothing

Doing nothing isn’t easy, especially with all the deadlines waiting for you at your business, but you should try it. Just set aside an hour from your busy schedule, hit the brakes, and forget about work. Too much focus and attention to new information destroys your ability to process new information fast or even analyze it effectively. Relaxing is critical to your cognitive capabilities.

It’s up to you

Being creative is surely magical. It helps you to inspire new ideas and gain the admiration of people around you. Being able to create something from nothing is also motivational in its own way. If you wish to get that ability, then, by all means, invest your time, energy, and money to getting the right tools for your creativity uptake.

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