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How SevenGen uses QuickBooks Online Advanced to run complex operations with 25 employees

  • SevenGen operates in Indiana, Ohio, and Texas with a skilled team consisting of industrial hygienists, safety professionals, environmental professionals, and nursing staff.
  • Customer user permissions in QuickBooks Online Advanced enables SevenGen to coordinate complex operations across multiple locations and scale comfortably.
  • With Advanced, Seven Gen tracks key metrics for each location to identify opportunities for growth.

Every day, countless people who work in manufacturing go to work knowing they have a safe workspace. A large part of that is because of Andy Pyle and his team at SevenGen. As the Director of Operations at SevenGen, an occupational health consultancy which operates in Indiana, Ohio, and Texas, he is responsible for making sure there are no disruptions as they work with clients in the pharmaceutical, automotive, healthcare, and food industries to keep their workplace safe and environmentally responsible.

One of their clients, an industrial manufacturing company, works with SevenGen on industrial hygiene as well as environmental and safety compliance. This involves keeping employees safe from exposure to potentially harmful substances, monitoring things like stormwater, and making sure they’re complying with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and other local regulations.

These best practices create a healthy, responsible, and attractive company culture that makes Pressio unique in their own right. “You’ll see [it] when you walk through their facility. It’s more contemporary than a lot of the manufacturing facilities that we work in,” says Andy.

How Advanced facilitates communication across multiple stakeholders

Today, SevenGen employs professionals across various specialties, like safety, hygiene, and the environment. The company setup is an unusual triage consisting of the senior leadership team, health and safety consultants, and administrative staff.

While this diversity distinguishes SevenGen as a one-stop-shop in an industry where service providers tend to provide expertise in one area only, it also means healthy team communication is vital to their operations. Each state operates as a separate business, making it difficult to keep track of the individual components for each location.

SevenGen monitors each independent business with QuickBooks Online Advanced, which enables them to set up a user interface for each location and gives administrators the ability to compare how locations are performing in relation to each other. Features like remote access and custom user permissions and roles make sure internal and external communication reaches the right people.

Coordinating with customers or third parties is another key component of SevenGen’s daily operations. Tasks like managing travel or partner logistics must be done remotely and having easy access to essential information with Advanced makes the process a lot smoother. As SevenGen’s professionals often need to travel, secure remote access to Advanced on mobile and laptops means they can work with the administrative staff from wherever they are.

Andy explains how this works on a daily basis: “We have regular team meetings with our staff or field team. We’ll look at projects on Advanced that have been quoted but are not yet scheduled. We also work with our sales team to make sure everybody’s on the same page. We share the information we get from Advanced so they can fold it into other tools they use.”

A major complication in communicating with multiple teams is ensuring that everyone has access to information they need to work without delays. Custom user permissions allow Andy to set up specific access for each team member, ensuring the right information gets into the right hands. Advanced’s custom roles capability makes Andy’s job even easier, giving him the option to create a role with specific access and assign that role to anyone in the company who needs it

“We’re able to tweak Advanced to make each user’s interface successful so they don’t get caught up in things they don’t need to be thinking about,” he says. “Ultimately it keeps us streamlined. Nobody sees all the work, just the final product. And that’s where we want to be.”

Using metrics and reports to identify new business opportunities

Another aspect of Andy’s job is to look for opportunities and make sure SevenGen is heading in the right direction as it grows. Using Advanced has enabled Andy to put more information in one place, making it easier to get a bird’s eye view of the company’s key metrics.

The most useful reports have been profit and loss (P&L), historical financial information, and smart reporting powered with advanced analytics. P&L gives them the means to track each service line and make sure they’re meeting benchmarks in each area on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

With historical data, they’ve been able to gain insight into how each of their customers is doing. By consolidating recent reports and those from previous years, they can make quick comparisons to spot potential gaps. The sales team can use the knowledge to go back to customers with what they need or provide them with relevant updates.

  1. Since Advanced generates these reports on the spot, it provides SevenGen both ease and speed. “The one thing I truly enjoy is the ease of reporting,” says Andy. “[I’m] able to jump in there quickly, whether it’s remotely or in the office, to get some quick answers I need to support others or collaborate with senior leadership to make sure we’re driving the business.”

Scaling smoothly with easy-to-use features for future growth

The ease of use that Advanced provides is essential for SevenGen’s continued growth. For companies that have multiple locations, setting up independent businesses and systems can often be a taxing and long process. Being able to do that quickly and easily speeds up operations and makes scaling up less stressful.

“QuickBooks Online Advanced is easy enough for us to use that we don’t see ourselves outgrowing that anytime soon,” Andy says. “The user interface is simple. If we have questions, there are support services that’ll help us find the answers to the questions we have.”

But it’s not just about growth. Having the right tools means Andy can continue to support SevenGen’s number one asset––its employees. Whether they’re out in the field in a different state or in their Texas HQ, the ability to support workers remotely with QuickBooks Online Advanced means everyone is enabled to do their best work at all times.

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