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QuickBooks partner profile: Autymate built QuickBooks Online reporting solution for Jitasa

Autymate, a QuickBooks® Solution Provider, built a QuickBooks Online reporting solution for Jitasa, empowering account management, increasing efficiency, and helping their nonprofit clients help those who need them most.

Autymate applied their expertise in custom business solutions and enhanced financial reporting to harness and leverage the power of QuickBooks Online in an app for Jitasa, resulting in an elevated client experience, peace-of-mind for team managers, and quick financial analysis for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) pre-qualification when COVID-19 hit worldwide.

Rapid access to mission-critical data

Jitasa offers bookkeeping and accounting solutions exclusively for nonprofits. Keeping calm in global crisis, Jitasa used their custom Autymate solution to quickly compile client financials in a scenario no one saw coming. With an application originally designed to streamline the management of global CPA teams, and to develop tools for detailed and uniform quality reports, Jitasa had the power to pre-screen clients for PPP loan assistance—fast—at their fingertips.

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“Autymate provided us with real-time access to actionable client KPIs and employee performance data, replacing expensive, time-consuming manual tracking processes.” – Aaron Tevis, Manager of Quality Assurance, Jitasa

Flexible reporting options for clients with specific needs

Every nonprofit uses different charts of account, and every Jitasa CPA team manages accounts tailored to clients’ unique needs.

Jitasa’s original wish-list for an Autymate solution included:

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Maximizing impact, minimizing cost

The Autymate team exceeded expectations, building user-friendly integrations, optimizing reporting capabilities across varied COAs, reducing manual labor, and doing it all in a way that made the most of every dollar—and every minute— for Jitasa’s mission-driven clientele. With their flexibility, efficiency, and low-code, no-code solutions, Autymate delivered the tools for comprehensive innovation.

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“We built our platform to be flexible so that we could solve mid-market challenges. We have the ability to turn on the dime and respond to specific needs, like handling non-profits for Jitasa.” – Bryan Perdue, Autymate

Hundreds of accounts, a one-day migration

Jitasa implemented the intuitive, user-friendly Autymate solution with no onboarding or training necessary, adding more than 300 client accounts in one day. So, when their clients needed complex data at a stressful time, Jitasa was ready, with the power to provide peace-of-mind, stat.

The Autymate client engagement solution for Jitasa:

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A lasting solution

With the Autymate app for automated data extraction, Jitasa can quickly and efficiently alert clients of future eligibility for assistance programs, ensure regulation compliance, reconcile accounts, and so much more, with significantly less effort, and faster, more accurate results.

A digital transformation

The Autymate app has provided more than quality assurance and business process automations for Jitasa. It has empowered them to navigate a global crisis, reallocate the invaluable resources of time and money to do the most good for their clients, and hold true to their commitment to serving nonprofits around the world, with trust in Autymate’s ongoing partnership and support.

About the partnership

  • Jitasa is a full-service bookkeeping and accounting firm, serving exclusively nonprofit clients, based in Boise, Idaho.
  • Autymate is a software developer, specializing in business solutions and creating easy-to-use integration tools that unify data, processes, and people.
  • As a QuickBooks Solution Provider, Autymate is part of a trusted network of experts offering value-added services and experienced support to enhance the versatile benefits of the QuickBooks suite.

At a glance

QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP): Autymate

QSP specializations: information technology, logistics, financial services

QSP applied expertise: Custom business app development

Customer: Jitasa

Location: Boise, Idaho

Industry: Financial services

Solution: QuickBooks Online

Want to learn about how QuickBooks serves the mid-market? Watch the video below.

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