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QuickBooks partner profile: Siegel Solutions developed a scaleable solution for Intrinsic Therapeutics with QuickBooks Enterprise

Intrinsic Therapeutics needed to add manufacturing and inventory processes to match their rapid growth, while avoiding the complications of adopting an ERP. Siegel Solutions owner Jeff Siegel tapped into his vast network of expert connections to build an effective, efficient, customized system—all on a user-friendly QuickBooks® Enterprise foundation.

A familiar, mid-market solution with full-service capabilities

Intrinsic Therapeutics is a medical device manufacturer based in Woburn, Mass. Through 2019, they raised venture capital for their revolutionary spinal implant device, Barricaid. Uncertain of when they might take the company public or sell the device copyright, the Intrinsic Therapeutics team wanted the flexibility to grow without the headache of an infrastructure change.

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“As a QuickBooks Solutions Provider, I listen to client needs and their functionality requests. My developers and I work to provide a unique solution that is QuickBooks applicable. For Intrinsic, we added existing programs and developed an add-on. Currently, we are undergoing the development of a new add-on that accomplishes their business needs to scan QR codes.” – Jeff Siegel, Siegel Solutions

A unique business process, custom options to fit

Intrinsic Therapeutics had consigned Barricaid product inventory to track at multiple sites. The wanted development, sales orders, and budgeting capabilities.

Core solution requirements:

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A team that listens, a solution that works

Jeff Siegel specializes in QuickBooks consulting and third-party integration, and he’s built a network of trusted experts to handle custom add-on solutions. After meeting with Intrinsic Therapeutics and asking questions to gain an understanding of their business process, Siegel put together a team to develop a complete, efficient and effective system built on seamless integrations.

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The team tested each facet of the system thoroughly before delivering a cost-competitive solution that provides Intrinsic Therapeutics with all they were looking for—and more.

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With a comprehensive, user-friendly solution in place, Intrinsic Therapeutics can focus on their product and move toward the future with confidence. Jeff Siegel and the team at Siegel Solutions continue to develop the system as needs arise, with a QR code scanner to further streamline inventory, and hospital software integration in the works.

“I’m always looking for the integration point,” says Siegel. “Is it seamless? I’m looking at the interface. Is it fun and easy to maneuver and navigate? Will it be efficient and help them grow? It all centers initially around QuickBooks, and then it’s all about helping the clients grow and succeed. That’s where my passion is.”

About the partnership

  • Intrinsic Therapeutics is a medical device company focused on delivering a safe treatment to improve outcomes in patients who are at a disproportionately high risk of requiring repeat spinal surgeries.
  • Siegel Solutions is a multi-skilled team of bookkeeping, accounting and accounting software experts.

At a glance

QuickBooks Solution Provider (QSP): Siegel Solutions

QSP specializations: information technology, logistics, financial services

QSP applied expertise: QuickBooks configuration, App integration

Customer: Intrinsic Therapeutics

Location: Woburn, Mass.

Industry: Medical instruments

Manufacturing solution: QuickBooks Enterprise

Key add-ons: PlanGuru, MISys

Want to learn about how QuickBooks serves the mid-market? Watch the video below.

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