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Say hello to the financial back office powered by artificial intelligence. Meet at QuickBooks Connect 2019.

QuickBooks® Connect is your moment to step back from the day-to-day demands of running a business to get new insights and skills to help blueprint your future. It’s two days of inspirational speakers, small group and one-on-one learning, and support from some of the savviest experts in the industry. It’s also an opportunity to connect with more than 100 solutions and third=party apps that are integral to QuickBooks and small business success, including our platinum sponsor,

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See why is excited to be part of this year’s QuickBooks Connect and what you can expect from their team. snapshot

Twitter: @billcom

Instagram: @_billcom

Headquarters location: Palo Alto, CA

Number of employees: 500+

Fun Fact about company: moves more than $70B in annual payment volume.

Q&A makes it simple to connect and do business. We help small businesses, mid-size companies, and accounting firms digitize, automate, and simplify legacy payment and financial processes. Our customers tell us that they save 50% of time spent on AP and get paid 2 times faster with

René Lacerte, our founder and CEO, comes from a family of entrepreneurs and is a serial entrepreneur himself. He felt first-hand the pain and inefficiencies of paying vendors and contractors, getting paid on time, and keeping everything organized. That experience led him to start in 2006. Now, we partner with many of the largest U.S. financial institutions, more than 70% of the top 100 U.S. accounting firms, and major accounting software providers like Intuit.

How does work with QuickBooks? lets you pay bills electronically and streamline approvals. Easy integration with QuickBooks means you never have to enter information twice. integrates with QuickBooks Online, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, and connects to your bank to make it easier to pay and speed up reconciliation.

You’ll be exhibiting at QuickBooks Connect in San Jose on November 6-7. Tell us what attendees can expect to see from your team.

We love the conference and are planning many ways to connect with attendees! We want to make sure we have every resource possible to help visitors with their questions.

When you stop by our booth, you will meet our product experts who can show you how our solutions works for you. Curious, but want a one-on-one experience? Request a private demo. We’re happy to help. Also, we are hosting a mini-theater where our gurus, partners and customers share an in-depth look at our product features and tips and tricks for working smarter instead of harder.

Our team can also talk about international business payments. Traditional cross-border payments can be an inefficient and costly task for businesses. You have to fill out wire transfer forms and pay an average of $40 to banks for wire transfer fees. It’s difficult to convert currencies and reconcile. lets you consolidate all payments onto one platform, saving time because you use the same process for domestic and international payments. You can save money because international payments can be made in local currencies with no wire transfer fees and better exchange rates provided than most banks. You have more control with automated approval workflows and accounting software syncs.

Your team has joined us at previous QuickBooks Connect events. What keeps you coming back?

The community. It’s an amazing crowd of tech-savvy business and accounting professionals.

What advice do you have for small businesses?

Add more efficiency to your back office by moving to financial process automation. It may sound fancy and sophisticated, but simply put, we free our customers from outdated financial processes and simplify their lives with a solution that is:

  • Automated and efficient. com automates manual work to help businesses pay domestic and international bills more efficiently.
  • Unified and integrated. Our platform connects businesses to their suppliers and clients, and integrates with all versions of QuickBooks and other financial solutions.
  • Digital and cloud-based. Invoices, contracts, and other important business documents are stored in the cloud for quick reference on any device—only by authorized users, of course.
  • Visible and transparent. With key tasks visible on a single dashboard, businesses can gain more insight into their operations and intelligently manage cash flow.

This year’s event theme is Own the Future. What makes your team excited about the opportunities ahead in the new world of work? How does help small businesses grow and fuel their success?

Today, many businesses still spend huge amounts of time manually managing processes. That’s valuable time that can be invested in more profitable endeavors. But you still have to follow the proper processes. That’s where back office automation comes in. brings advanced automation technology to SMBs, midsized companies, and accounting firms. For example, Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA)is powered by artificial intelligence. IVA automatically captures and enters data from invoices and starts the bill creation process as soon as the invoice enters your inbox. The result: You reduce manual processes and the time they demand, and gain back time to focus on more pressing matters.

What are you most excited about for this year’s event?

We’re excited to show everyone the Intelligent Payments Platform and our Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

What’s on your team’s must-do list during QBC San Jose?

Attend sessions! There are so many wonderful educational opportunities provided by QuickBooks Connect.

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