Get a list of IRS tips and resources for small businesses.
taxes offers A-Z resources for small businesses

Whether it's National Small Business Week or any other time of the year, you should know about the IRS' tax benefits and resources to help small businesses.

National Small Business Week is an annual effort led by the Small Business Administration to recognize the hard work, ingenuity, and dedication of America’s small businesses and to celebrate their contributions to the economy. The IRS has a variety of resources available for small business owners to help them understand and meet their tax responsibilities.

Small business owners can use for a wide range of tax related information resources for their enterprise.

The best place to start

Small businesses should make the Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center their first stop for finding just about everything to stay informed and compliant with their tax obligations. Whether that small business owner is self-employed, an independent contractor, a gig worker, or a business with employees, the site provides in-depth information, tools, and helpful education.

A road map from start to finish’s small business pages map out the entire life cycle of a business and its tax implications. Sections include:

  • Starting a Business: Basic federal tax information for those starting a business, as well as a checklist to assist in making basic business decisions.
  • Business Structure: Help in choosing what form of business entity to establish because it determines which form of business income tax return forms must be filed.
  • Operating a Business: Tools and tips on how to get an Employer Identification Number, how to keep good records and how to file and pay taxes.
  • Closing a Business: Help navigating the closure of a business from a federal tax perspective, including how to take care of employees, which forms to file, which records to keep and what tax related moves need to happen before shutting down.

Keep up to date

Staying informed on possible tax law changes that affect small business and staying up to date with tax obligations like withholding deposits, and quarterly filing is easier with’s small business resources. 

  • Subscribe: e-News for Small Businesses is a free e-mail service designed to provide tax information for small businesses. It includes the latest news, upcoming tax date reminders, and tips to help small businesses.
  • Small Business Events: The IRS holds small business workshops, seminars, and meetings at various locations throughout the country, designed to help the small business owner understand and fulfill their federal tax responsibilities.
  • Online Tax Calendar: Shows due dates and actions for each month. Users can have reminders sent to their email inbox or import the calendar into their calendar program.

For more information featuring useful tax-related tools and resources to help small business owners, employers, and self-employed individuals succeed, visit the Small Business Week webpage.

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